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Yes, Dear

Two young couples have contrasting views on parenting. 

Anthony Clark, Mike O'malley, Jean louisa Kelly, Liza Snyder, Joel Homan, Brandon Baerg, Billy Gardell, Brendon Baerg, Anthony Bain, Michael Bain, Natalie Desselle, Christopher Berry, Nich Berry, Connor Merkovich, Keenan Merkovich

Alan Kirschenbaum (Executive Producer), Greg Garcia (Executive Producer), Mike O'malley (Director), Eric Zicklin (Writer), Jeff Meyer (Director), Patrick Mccarthy (Writer), Erika Kaestle (Writer), Jeff Mayer (Director), Michael a. Mariano (Writer), Miguel Higuera (Director), Bob Smiley (Writer), Melissa Carter (Writer), Mark Cendrowski (Director), Liza Snyder (Director), Gigi Mccreery (Writer), Perry Rein (Writer), Bob Stevens (Writer), Jay Kleckner (Director), Greg Garcia (Writer), Michael Pennie (Writer), Jamie Rhonheimer (Writer), Bobby Bowman (Writer), Ralph Greene (Writer), Chris Sheridan (Writer), Christopher Vane (Writer), Danny Smith (Writer), John Tracy (Director), Lindsey Garcia (Writer), Deweyne lamar Lee (Writer), Angela Yarbrough (Writer), Linda videtti Figueiredo (Writer), Alan Kirschenbaum (Director), Alan Kirschenbaum (Writer), Steve Callaghan (Writer), Michelle Stoker (Director), Jeff Meyer (Writer), Erik Shapiro (Writer), Eric Shapiro (Writer), Ed Weinberger (Director), David Duclon (Writer), Michael Carey (Writer), Diane Burroughs (Writer), Joey Gutierrez (Writer), Ken Whittingham (Director), Fred Shafferman (Writer), Neil Lebowitz (Writer), David Hoge (Writer), Dan Cross (Writer), Andrew Tsao (Director), Peter Noah (Writer), Mark Cendrowski (Writer), Michael Zinberg (Director), Rich Correll (Director), Paige Bernhardt (Writer), Michael Feldman (Writer), Douglas Lieblein (Writer), Gail Mancuso (Director), Steven Levitan (Director), Billy Van zandt (Writer), Jane Milmore (Writer), Andrew d. Weyman (Director)

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Yes, Dear

She's a neurotic stay-at-home mom and he's a successful businessman, but both Kim and Greg Warner are obsessed with being the perfect parents to their young son (and daughter later in the series' run). Kim's sister, Christine, has two children of her own, and a much more relaxed philosophy about child rearing. Christine's husband, Jimmy, is an unemployed loudmouth who also enjoys giving the Warners advice on how to run their lives.

Current cast
Anthony Clark as Greg Warner
Mike O'malley as Jimmy Hughes
Jean louisa Kelly as Kim Warner
Liza Snyder as Christine Hughes

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