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Hell's Kitchen

Chef Gordon Ramsay works with aspiring restaurateurs to open a restaurant. 

Andrea "andi" Van willigan, James Avery, Sarah Baumert, Monique Booker, Meghan Gill, T. Gregoire, Christine Hazel, Mieka Houser, Alison Rivera, Chrissa Schmerler, Michelle Tribble, Randy Bell, Bret Hauser, Adam Livow, Milly Medley, Brendan Pelley, Nick Peters, Cameron Spagnolo, Josh Trovato, Ashley Sherman, Denine Giordano, Janai Simpson, Jennifer Salhoff, Kalen Morgenstern, Katie Mckeown, La tasha Mccutchen, Roe Dileo, Sade Dancy, Aaron Lhamon, Brian Santos, Bryant Gallaher, Fernando Cruz, Frank Bilotti, J.p. Dedominicis, J.r. Robinson, Sterling Wright, Steve Rosenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Scott Leibfried, Mary ann Salcedo, Jean-philippe Susilovic, Beth Taylor, Bev Lazo-gonzalez, Jessica Vogel, Joy Parham-thomas, Kashia Zollicoffer, Melanie Finch, Nicole Rutz, Rochelle Bergman, Sandra Flores, Simone Hammond, Anton Testino, Chris Eversole, Guarav Navin, Jason Zepaltas, Mike Aresta, Michael Demarco, Michael Gabriel, Ralph Johnson, Richard Mancini, Scott Cummings, Elizabeth Bianchi, Natalie Blake, Amanda Colello, Jamie Gregorich, Carrie Keep, Gina Melcher, Jennifer Normant, Krupa Patel, Elise Wims, Chino Chang, Brendan Heavey, Monterray Keys, Will Lustberg, Paul Niedermann, Steven Paluba, Jonathon Plumley, Tommy Stevens, Autumn Lewis, Fran Klier, Holli Ugalde, Jamie Bisoulis, Maria Torrisi, Nilka Hendricks, Siobhan Allgood, Stacey Slichta, Andrew Forester, Benjamin Knack, Ed Battaglia, Jason Ellis, Jay Santos, Mikey Termini, Salvatore Coppola, Scott Hawley, Sabrina Brimhall, Antonia Boregman, Melissa Doney, Jillian Flathers, Emily Kutchins, Lisa Lafranca, Gail Novenario, Nona Sivley, Vinny Jr., Raj Brandston, Lewis Curtis, Russell Ii, Rob Mccue, Trev Mcgrath, Boris Poleschuk, Louis Repucci, Michael Grabriel, Heather West, Ariel Contreras-fox, Kevin Cottle, Dave Levey, Tennille Middleton, Suzanne Schlicht, Andrea Heinly, Ben Walanka, Carol Scott, Danny Veltri, Giovanni Filippone, J Maxwell, La Limtiaco, Lacey D'angelo, Paula Dasilva, Robert Hesse, Ja'nel Witt, Mary Poehnelt, Jon Scallion, Cyndi Stanimirov, Amanda Giblin, Danielle Boorn, Gina Aloise, Jacqueline Baldassari, Jessica Lewis, Nedra Harris, Susan Heaton, Anthony Rodriguez, Barret Beyer, Christian Rosati, Dan Ryan, Jeremy Madden, Michael Langdon, Ray Alongi, Sebastian Royo, Zach Womack, Christina Wilson, Dana Cohen, Justin Antiorio, Barbie Marshall, Clemenza Caserta, Briana Swanson, Danielle Rimmer, Kimmie Willis, Robyn Almodovar, Roshni Guarni, Tiffany Johnson, Brian Merel, Chris Carrero, Don Savage, Guy Vaknin, Patrick Cassata, Royce Wagner, Tavon Hubbard, Christina Machamer, Louis Petrozza, Corey Earling, Jen Gavin

Gordon Ramsay (Judge), Paul Jackson (Executive Producer), Arthur Smith (Executive Producer), Kent Weed (Executive Producer)

08:00 PM
"11 Chefs Compete"  John Ratzenberger judges the contestants' food pairings; while the challenge winners spend the day at a famous roller rink and go on a beer tasting, the losers prepare linens for dinner service; gastropub night doesn't go smoothly.  (Repeat) WNYW
08:00 PM
"9 Chefs Compete"  Chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo judge when the teams compete to create dishes with exotic meats; Ramsay surprises the contestants with one-on-one evaluations; the two weakest chefs compete to remain in the running.  (Repeat) WNYW
Hell's Kitchen 14

Eighteen new contestants enter the kitchen to compete in the 14th season of chef Gordon Ramsay's rigorous cooking competition. The battle begins as the cooks are split into two teams and assigned their first challenge: to present their signature dishes to Ramsay. As with all the other challenges that follow, one team wins a coveted prize while the other team must shoulder a brutal punishment. Each week the contestants are also faced with pressure-filled dinner services where they try to prove their worth. At the end of the season, only one contestant is left standing, winning a head chef position and the $250,000 prize.

Current cast
Gordon Ramsay Andrea ``andi'' Van willigan James Avery Sarah Baumert Monique Booker Meghan Gill T. Gregoire Christine Hazel Mieka Houser Alison Rivera

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