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Money Talks

Sports handicapper Steve Stevens and his agents sell sports picks to gamblers looking for an edge. 

Steve Stevens

Stephen Lambert (Executive Producer), Eli Holzman (Executive Producer), Aaron Saidman (Executive Producer), Todd Crites (Executive Producer), Jackson Nguyen (Executive Producer), Myles Reiff (Executive Producer), Jim Ackerman (Executive Producer)

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Money Talks

Sports handicapping can be a lucrative business if you're good at it, so imagine how well a man who calls himself ``the Michael Jordan of sports handicapping'' must do in the industry. That man is Steve Stevens, who runs Las Vegas-based VIP Sports. Stevens -- who claims his picks are correct more than 60 percent of the time -- and his agents sell their picks to gamblers in search of an edge, from small-time bettors to big spenders, who sometimes bet as much as six figures on a single game. The docuseries goes inside the agency to showcase how Stevens keeps his agents focused on building the business while he entertains the bettors with big bankrolls and bigger expectations. ``Money Talks'' also follows Stevens in his personal life, where he's known by his given name, Darin Notaro, as he tries to build a life with his girlfriend, her two kids and a new baby boy.

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Steve Stevens

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