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What Would You Do?

Cameras capture people's reactions to dilemmas. 

John Quinones ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Elizabeth Vargas ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), John Stossel ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), David Sloan (Executive Producer), Danielle Rossen (Executive Producer)

12:00 PM
What Would You Do? A hopeful "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" contestant cheats; a child wants a Halloween costume meant for the opposite gender; a cashier questions a man buying two diamond bracelets; a diner forces a restrictive diet on her daughter.  (Repeat) HLN
01:00 PM
What Would You Do? Hidden cameras capture people's reactions to a tutor being overly affectionate to a student, a gay teen being bullied and a woman who brings her young child to a bar.  (Repeat) HLN
What Would You Do?

Using hidden cameras, host John Qui├▒ones observes and comments on how ordinary people behave when they are confronted with a dilemma that requires them to either take action or walk by and mind their own business. An example of a situation featured on the show is a waiter flirting with a diner's partner.

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John Quinones

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