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What Would You Do?

Cameras capture people's reactions to dilemmas. 

John Quinones ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Elizabeth Vargas ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), John Stossel ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), David Sloan (Executive Producer), Danielle Rossen (Executive Producer)

12:00 PM
What Would You Do? Hidden cameras capture reactions to a woman buying revealing clothes for her young daughter to wear in a pageant, children being taunted for having gay parents, and a child using profanity in public.  (Repeat) HLN
01:00 PM
What Would You Do? A manager tells an interviewee she won't be hired because of her gender; a waiter refuses to serve a homeless man; a child at a lemonade stand overcharges customers; a teen throws a fit in a dress shop; a kid wears a sandwich board as punishment.  (Repeat) HLN
03:00 PM
What Would You Do? A hopeful "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" contestant cheats; a child wants a Halloween costume meant for the opposite gender; a cashier questions a man buying two diamond bracelets; a diner forces a restrictive diet on her daughter.  (Repeat) HLN
What Would You Do?

Using hidden cameras, host John Qui├▒ones observes and comments on how ordinary people behave when they are confronted with dilemmas that require them either to take action or to walk by and mind their own business. Various scenarios are created that force people to make split-second -- and often surprising -- decisions, and variations of the situation (such as changing the genders, races or clothing of the people involved) are often featured to see if different reactions are elicited. Examples of situations on the show include a waitress being harassed by her boss, and a drunken valet trying to park cars.

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