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"Bad DJ"

Daniel plays an uncomfortable game of "Is It Racist?"; raising a daughter; a DJ gets a web redemption.  (Repeat)

Wed 7/15 4:09 AM  COMEDY
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-MA

Daniel Tosh (Host), Daniel Tosh (Executive Producer), Mike Gibbons (Executive Producer)

07:56 PM
"Phillies Taser Kid"  Tosh reads viewer reviews of his new bakery; Tosh's new PSA about marriage; a Web redemption to the tazed Phillies fan.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:27 PM
"Bumbling Surfer"  The bumbling surfer; the ultimate motor boat; a new phone app.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:58 PM
"Perfect Game Bowler"  Daniel has a Web chat with a goat; a bowler who got screwed out of a perfect game gets a Web redemption.  (Repeat) COMEDY
09:29 PM
"Weightlifting"  The world's worst weightlifters get a Web redemption; Daniel plays a round of Is It Racist?; "Tosh.0" fans destroy their property.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:39 AM
"Lingerie Football Coach"  Daniel meets the only man in the world who cares about women's sports; a cutter in the office; a celebration of the return of Is It Racist?  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:09 AM
"Spoken Word Fail"  Daniel helps a religious rapper reclaim his throne; Daniel explains why there's no such thing as stupid questions; smokes pot.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:12 AM
"Nana Nana Subaru Winner"  Daniel reveals who will get his old Subaru; why it's never safe to pass out at Daniel's home.  (Repeat) COMEDY
07:26 PM
"How to Flirt Guy"  Daniel listens to everybody's odd medical problems and gives out free advice; a Web redemption about picking up women.  (Repeat) COMEDY
07:58 PM
"Krispy Kreme"  Daniel teaches the proper way to get drunk; the biggest little liar in the rap game gets a Web redemption.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:09 AM
"Courtroom C... Guy"  Daniel organizes a focus group to prevent future racism; comic gets a web redemption.  (Repeat) COMEDY

Finally, this series' tag line announces, a TV show that steals from the Internet instead of the other way around. Comic Daniel Tosh lampoons the latest viral videos, blogs, websites and Internet fads and phenomena, plus he offers ``Web redemption'' to the many fools out there who have already sufficiently humiliated themselves online.

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Daniel Tosh

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