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South Park

"World War Zimmerman"

Cartman thinks Token is a threat to everyone.  (Repeat)

Wed 8/12 2:38 PM  COMEDY
Duration: 32 minutes
Rated: TV-MA
Sitcom, Animated, Comedy, Interests

Trey Parker, Matt Stone

Trey Parker (Executive Producer), Matt Stone (Executive Producer), Anne Garefino (Executive Producer)

02:32 PM
"City on the Edge of Forever"  The South Park Elementary school bus crashes.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:05 PM
"Cartman Joins NAMBLA"  Cartman seeks mature friends; Kenny tries to prevent the conception of a sibling.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:38 PM
"The Losing Edge"  The boys set out to lose a baseball game in order to avoid playing the game all summer.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:11 PM
"Death"  Stan's grandfather helps summon the Grim Reaper.  (Repeat) COMEDY
10:00 PM
"Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub"  The boys' call to the police creates a stand-off.  (Repeat) COMEDY
10:30 PM
"Grey Dawn"  The elderly residents of South Park lead a revolt after their licenses get revoked.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:22 AM
"Make Love, Not Warcraft"  The boys must stop a renegade player who threatens to destroy "World of Warcraft."  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:58 AM
"Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society"  All the kids in South Park are mysteriously drawn to Bebe.  (Repeat) COMEDY
09:34 AM
"Christian Rock Hard"  Cartman starts a Christian rock group, while Kyle, Stan and Kenny are arrested for downloading music off the Internet.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:23 AM
"Jewpacabra"  When Cartman produces video evidence of a mysterious creature in the woods, the town's big Easter Egg Hunt is in jeopardy.  (Repeat) COMEDY
South Park

The animated series is not for children. In fact, its goal seems to be to offend as many as possible as it presents the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show has taken on Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, politicians of every stripe and self-important celebrities. Oh, and Kenny is killed in many episodes.

Current cast
Trey Parker as Stan Marsh/Eric Cartman/Mr. Herbert Garrison/Officer Barbrady/Terrance/Timmy/Ned Gerblanski/Randy Ma
Matt Stone as Kyle Broflovski/Kenny McCormick/Gerald Broflovski/Pip Pirrup/Jesus/Jimbo/Phillip/Big Gay Al

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