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Chappelle's Show

Dave examines the myth that white people can't dance and charts his emotional growth; musical guest John Mayer.  (Repeat)

Sat 5/23 2:30 PM  COMEDY
Duration: 32 minutes
Rated: TV-14
Comedy, Variety, Interests, Daytime

Dave Chappelle (Host)

08:27 AM
Chappelle's Show Shopping network sells gross products; "Roots" outtakes; reality show pilot; rapper Talib Kweli performs.  (Repeat) COMEDY
09:02 AM
Chappelle's Show Spoofs of slavery reparations and an appearance on Phil Donahue's talk show; music guest Busta Rhymes.  (Repeat) COMEDY
09:37 AM
Chappelle's Show New hip-hop products; "Great Moments in Hookup History"; "Ask a Black Dude"; musical performance by Fat Joe.  (Repeat) COMEDY
10:12 AM
Chappelle's Show "Girls Gone Wild"; "Antwone Fisher"; "Ask a Gay Guy"; "The Mad Real World"; musician David Broom performs.  (Repeat) COMEDY
10:47 AM
Chappelle's Show A realistic look at "Pretty Woman" and "The Matrix"; the Wu Tang Clan's new financial consulting firm; "Ask a Black Dude"; Killer Mike performs.  (Repeat) COMEDY
11:21 AM
Chappelle's Show Racism among Hollywood's animal stars; Tyrone Bigguns crack intervention; great moments in hookup history.  (Repeat) COMEDY
11:53 AM
Chappelle's Show Dave's Sci-Fi adventure, "Blackzilla"; "Player Hater's Ball"; Chappelle stars in his own video game; The Roots perform.  (Repeat) COMEDY
12:24 PM
Chappelle's Show Old music videos hint at future sex scandals; History Channel coverage of inner-city gang wars from the 1980s; music guest: Gza.  (Repeat) COMEDY
12:56 PM
Chappelle's Show Record companies recruit street musicians to be rap stars; a boy beats Dave at a video game; a video camera shows the future; De La Soul performs.  (Repeat) COMEDY
01:27 PM
Chappelle's Show "Trading Spouses"; marijuana with no THC; musical guest BlackStar featuring Mos Def and Talib Kweli perform.  (Repeat) COMEDY
Chappelle's Show

The sketch-comedy show, starring comic Dave Chappelle, follows the tried-and-true formula of similar shows that preceded it. Chappelle performs a stand-up routine that leads into a taped comedy sketch. The show usually ends with a musical performance. The show is often considered to be controversial due to its use of racial humor.

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Dave Chappelle

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