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"Security Officer Jay"

Daniel is excited for "Movember," and gets the urge to purge; a security guard gets a web redemption.  (Repeat)

Tue 8/11 7:56 PM  COMEDY
Duration: 31 minutes
Rated: TV-14

Daniel Tosh (Host), Daniel Tosh (Executive Producer), Mike Gibbons (Executive Producer)

07:25 PM
"Bad Weatherman"  Tosh gives the awful weatherman a Web redemption, reunites with a long-lost friend and spoils a modern day classic.  (Repeat) COMEDY
07:56 PM
"Happy Birthday, Katie"  Daniel helps a nice guy overcome the 'just a friend' complex, ticks off the rich folk on Instagram, and unveils the results of his AIDS test.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:27 PM
"Bryan Adams Kid"  Daniel shows off his Halloween costume and helps catch an internet monster; a lovestruck teen gets a Web redemption.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:58 PM
"Hurl-a-Whirl"  Daniel sums up two weeks' worth of Olympics coverage in less than a minute; the most nauseating segment Daniel's ever done.  (Repeat) COMEDY
09:29 PM
"Girl Dunks"  Daniel redeems a Juwanna Mann wannabe; a homophobic hate speech is turned into high-quality products; an unusual encounter with a baby.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:09 AM
Tosh.0 Daniel celebrates Valentine's Day by letting viewers vent about how much they hate their significant other; the world's only black superhero gets a Web redemption.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:39 AM
"IceJJFish"  Daniel takes girl out on a date; Daniel gives his car away; singer Ice JJ Fish gets a Web redemption.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:09 AM
"Web Reflection"  The funniest moments from the past year; Daniel's picks for the most interesting weirdos of the year; opening Christmas cards from fans.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:27 AM
"Skateboard Girl"  Popcorn challenge response video; Skateboard Girl's Web redemption; highlights from the first ten episodes.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:00 AM
"Lohanthony"  Daniel meets a princess; a magical item returns to you after being thrown; Lohanthony gets a web redemption.  (Repeat) COMEDY

Finally, this series' tag line announces, a TV show that steals from the Internet instead of the other way around. Comic Daniel Tosh lampoons the latest viral videos, blogs, websites and Internet fads and phenomena, plus he offers ``Web redemption'' to the many fools out there who have already sufficiently humiliated themselves online.

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Daniel Tosh

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