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South Park

The adventures of four boys who live in South Park, Colo. 

Trey Parker, Matt Stone

Trey Parker (Executive Producer), Matt Stone (Executive Producer), Anne Garefino (Executive Producer)

10:25 AM
"Tweek vs. Craig"  The boys coerce two reluctant classmates into a schoolyard fight.  (Repeat) COMEDY
06:54 PM
"Free Willzyx"  Kyle befriends a whale from the new Denver Sea Park.  (Repeat) COMEDY
10:15 AM
"Hooked on Monkey Fonics"  The boys compete against home-schooled kids in the annual spelling bee.  (Repeat) COMEDY
10:45 AM
"The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer"  The boys eagerly anticipate the trailer to the new Terrance and Philip movie.  (Repeat) COMEDY
06:56 PM
"Cow Days"  The boys want to compete at bull-riding; area cows get religion.  (Repeat) COMEDY
07:28 PM
"Preschool"  A former classmate seeks revenge for an incident that happened in preschool.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:00 PM
"Cherokee Hair Tampons"  A haggling Cartman holds the key to saving Kyle, who faces death due to a rare kidney disease and his mother's holistic remedies.  (Repeat) COMEDY
08:30 PM
"Margaritaville"  Randy steps forward with a solution to fix the desperate state of the economy.  (Repeat) COMEDY
09:00 PM
"You're Getting Old"  Stan's world view starts to change as well as his friendships just after his 10th birthday.  (Repeat) COMEDY
09:30 PM
"Ass Burgers"  Cartman copes with Asperger's syndrome.  (Repeat) COMEDY
South Park

The animated series is not for children. In fact, its goal seems to be to offend as many as possible as it presents the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show has taken on Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, politicians of every stripe and self-important celebrities. Oh, and Kenny is killed in many episodes.

Current cast
Trey Parker as Stan Marsh/Eric Cartman/Mr. Herbert Garrison/Officer Barbrady/Terrance/Timmy/Ned Gerblanski/Randy Ma
Matt Stone as Kyle Broflovski/Kenny McCormick/Gerald Broflovski/Pip Pirrup/Jesus/Jimbo/Phillip/Big Gay Al

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