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Top 20 Most Shocking

Shocking videos ranging from vacation disasters to great escapes and terrible drivers. 

04:00 AM
"Summer Blowouts"  Countdown of the most oblivious summertime fools.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Summer Blowouts 3"  A diver that falls one hundred feet; a beach bum gets a lap dance; two boats collide; three dudes in a kiddie-sized coupe.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Practical Jokers Gone Wild 6"  A machine rigged under a co-workers desk; a surprise wake-up call; a guy with a fart machine.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Practical Jokers Gone Wild 7"  A son sticks salmon in his father's cereal; an office worker meets a red tail boa; a clown gets covered in worms.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Practical Jokers Gone Wild 5"  A bride who stages a trick tumble; a scientist gets blown off his feet; a drama queen and her temper tantrum.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Losers in Love 2"  Jealous rage and twisted passion.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Losers in Love"  Top twenty countdown to the biggest loser in love.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Hotheads From Hell 2"  Top twenty countdown of the worlds most ferocious hotheads.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Hotheads From Hell 3"  Twenty of the most ill tempered people on the planet.  (Repeat) TRUTV
11:00 AM
"Worst Days on the Job 4"  Count down of the worst work days.  (Repeat) TRUTV
Top 20 Most Shocking

Like the title says, this series is filled with shocking video clips, and they're counted down from 20 in each episode to reveal the most outrageous one of all. ``Whackos at the Wheel,'' ``Worst Days on the Job'' and ``Escapes From Death'' are just three of the featured episodes, enough to give you an inkling as to what's contained here.

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