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Lizard Lick Towing

Ron Shirley and recovery agent Bobby Brantley track down and repossess vehicles and machinery. 

Ron Shirley, Amy Shirley, Bobby Brantley

Natalka Znak (Executive Producer), Lauren Gellert (Executive Producer), Jessica Shreeve (Executive Producer)

11:00 AM
Lizard Lick Towing Bobby seeks revenge for Ronnie's beatdown; Amy takes a licking in a nasty brawl.  (Repeat) TRUTV
11:30 AM
Lizard Lick Towing Ronnie comes to the rescue during a fiery repo while things heat-up between Juicy and Earl.  (Repeat) TRUTV
12:00 PM
Lizard Lick Towing Bobby ponders selling his business to rejoin the Lizard Lick crew; Ron's father asks Bobby to help him on a giant repo job that can land everyone in a ton of money.  (Repeat) TRUTV
12:30 PM
Lizard Lick Towing Krazy Dave makes an unsettling discovery about his marriage; Ron allows Bobby to return to the Lick, but with two bizarre conditions.  (Repeat) TRUTV
01:00 PM
Lizard Lick Towing Ron sets a trap to uncover the identity of a stalker; Bobby and Johnny take a wild ride on a four-wheeler.  (Repeat) TRUTV
01:30 PM
Lizard Lick Towing Cassie forces Bobby to make a decision; an innocent prank jeopardizes Krazy Dave's wedding.  (Repeat) TRUTV
02:00 PM
Lizard Lick Towing A fight at Dave's wedding threatens Bobby's relationship with Cassie; Ron discovers a stalker menacing his family.  (Repeat) TRUTV
02:30 PM
Lizard Lick Towing Bobby repos a party bus; Ron sets-up a stakeout to catch a stalker.  (Repeat) TRUTV
Lizard Lick Towing

It's just a job to Ron and Amy Shirley; it's not who they are. But try telling that to the people who unwillingly do ``business'' with the Shirleys, the proprietors of Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery in Wendell, N.C. This series follows all the action as Ron and his right-hand man, recovery agent Bobby Brantley, track down and repossess vehicles and machinery, while Amy deals with the irate property owners at the Lizard Lick headquarters. Yes, the Shirleys do a lot of taking during the week, but they also frequently give back by helping local folks who have fallen on hard times. Each year, for example, the Lizard Lick crew prepares a massive barbecue dinner for the people whose property was repossessed by the company.

Current cast
Ron Shirley Amy Shirley Bobby Brantley

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