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Hardcore Pawn

The Gold family operates American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit. 

Les Gold, Seth Gold, Ashley Broad

Natalka Znak (Executive Producer), Claire O'donohoe (Executive Producer), Richard Dominick (Executive Producer), Anthony Horn (Executive Producer)

03:00 PM
"Lawyer Up Son"  A conflict over a fake receipt turns into a full-blown war; a Motor City lawyer who could land Les in hot water.  (Repeat) TRUTV
03:30 PM
"Seth's Big Bet"  Ashley challenges Seth to a unique competition; if he can't deliver the goods, the world will hear the one thing he's been fighting to keep a secret.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 PM
"Oh No He Didn't"  The kids discover their other store is quietly going bust; when they confront him with the proposition to sell it, Les flies off the handle.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:30 PM
"Oh Yes He Did"  Seth's secret plan to sell Pontiac is in full motion; Ashley is pulled into the fray the kids find themselves in a life-changing scenario.  (Repeat) TRUTV
05:00 PM
"Family Matters"  After Seth attempted to sell his father's business out from under him, Les cannot forgive or forget his son's betrayal.  (Repeat) TRUTV
05:30 PM
"Pay to Play"  A rare guitar finds its way into the shop and the Golds can't decide if it's the real deal, or a fake; Ashley faces off with a customer, not with words, but with weapons; a wrestling legend visits American Jewelry with a special proposition.  (Repeat) TRUTV
06:00 PM
"Gold Crash"  With a major drop in the price of Gold, the store takes a huge financial hit.  (Repeat) TRUTV
06:30 PM
"Harold's Gamble"  Les falls in love with a luxury watch and asks Harold for his opinion on its legitimacy; a heated argument erupts between Ashley and a costumer demanding her stolen property back.  (Repeat) TRUTV
07:00 PM
"The Outsider"  Seth brings in a consultant to increase their retail business; the Golds check out Star Trek memorabilia that is out of this world; one hot mama throws a tantrum when Ashley refuses to pawn her busted car seat.  (Repeat) TRUTV
07:30 PM
"Seth's Secret"  Seth goes MIA after getting angry at his father; Ashley holds her own with a pack of wild animals.  (Repeat) TRUTV
Hardcore Pawn

``The working man's bank'' is always willing to make a deal. That's why for the people of Detroit, the go-to pawn shop for more than four decades has been American Jewelry and Loan. This series follows its day-to-day operations, focusing on third-generation pawnbroker and company patriarch Les Gold, a street-smart old-schooler known for driving a hard bargain but having a soft heart. The family business also includes Seth, Les' only son and business partner; daughter Ashley, the shop's general manager; and Les' wife, Lili. But there's no question who the boss is, and he's often heard reminding his team of more than 45 employees, ``The customer always lies.''

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Les Gold Seth Gold Ashley Broad

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