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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey and pals help youngsters solve problems and sharpen math skills. 

12:00 PM
"Mickey and Donald Have a Farm!"  After the animals on Mickey's farm go missing, his pals rally together for a rescue mission to save the animals.  (Repeat) DISN
12:30 PM
"Mickey's Fishy Story"  The gang takes Goldy the goldfish to the jungle waterfall in the hopes of finding her a swimming buddy; Jungle Pete helps.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Mickey's Clubhouse Rocks"  Mickey and the gang are prepared to rock with a battle-of-the-bands showdown filled with epic guitar solos.  (Repeat) DISN
08:00 AM
"Space Captain Donald"  Mickey and his friends take a trip to the moon to retrieve Pluto's ball.  (Repeat) DISN
08:30 AM
"Mickey's Mystery!"  There are reports of an ancient mouse-eared stone monument in the Hidden Jungle; Mickey and his pals check it out.  (Repeat) DISN
10:50 AM
"The Wizard of Dizz!"  Minnie and Pluto are swept up in a big, scary wind; once the dust settles, they find themselves in the wonderful world of Dizz.  (Repeat) DISN
12:00 PM
"Pete's Beach Blanket Luau"  On the hottest day of the year Pete holds a Beach Blanket Luau to cool everyone down.  (Repeat) DISN
06:00 AM
"Goofy's Goofbot"  Goofy builds a stronger, smarter robot version of himself.  (Repeat) DISN
06:00 AM
"Donald's Big Balloon Race"  Mickey helps Donald fly in the Big Balloon Race so he can win a blue ribbon.  (Repeat) DISN
07:30 AM
"Donald the Frog Prince"  Donald turns into a frog.  (Repeat) DISN
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald all hang around the Clubhouse. Mickey leads viewers through stories with play-along and singalong segments. Learning early math skills and identifying shapes, patterns and numbers are all part of Mickey's lessons. Mickey and his pals also play with handy gizmos and gear, including the Mousekedoer, Mouseketools and a transportable device called Toodles.

Current cast
Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse
Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse
Bill Farmer as Goofy
Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck
Tress Macneille as Daisy Duck

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