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Brad Meltzer's Decoded

Scouring secret clues, symbols and conspiracy theories to unravel the most provocative enigmas. 

12:00 PM
"Houdini: Murdered?"  The team explores Houdini's exciting life off the stage, including deadly feuds, love affairs and even involvement in international espionage.  (Repeat) H2
01:00 PM
"The Presidents Inner Circle"  The Decoded team tries to uncover if The Culper Spy Ring played an important role in defeating the British in the Revolutionary War.  (Repeat) H2
02:00 PM
"Fort Knox"  Buddy, Scott and McKinley travel to Kentucky to investigate the history of the Fort Knox vault.  (Repeat) H2
03:00 PM
"Devil's Graveyard, Alaska"  The team investigates the region between Anchorage, Juneau and Barrows Alaska that has a disappearance rate 16 times the national average.  (Repeat) H2
Brad Meltzer's Decoded

And now you'll know the rest of the story, thanks to the investigations led in this series by best-selling author Brad Meltzer. As he's written about and studied such revered institutions as the U.S. Supreme Court, the presidency, the Secret Service and Wall Street, Meltzer has uncovered countless codes, theories and stories that have remained dormant ... until now. He's joined by a team of researchers to hunt down answers to some of history's most provocative, perplexing mysteries.

Current cast
Brad Meltzer Buddy Levy Christine Mckinley Scott Rolle

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