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How the Earth Was Made

Traveling the globe to reveal geological processes that shaped Earth. 

10:00 AM
"The Deepest Place on Earth"  Exploring the Mariana Trench reveals the slash along the floor of the Pacific Ocean to be deeper than Mount Everest is high.  (Repeat) H2
11:00 AM
"Krakatoa"  Exploring the underground forces that triggered one of recorded history's biggest volcanic eruptions at Krakatoa, killing more than 36,000 people and causing widespread destruction in 1883.  (Repeat) H2
12:00 PM
"Loch Ness"  Scotland's Loch Ness was once part of America, frequented by dinosaurs and engulfed by huge volcanic eruptions; examining whether the legendary Loch Ness monster could be descended from dinosaurs.  (Repeat) H2
01:00 PM
"Asteroids"  Asteroids might provide clues about the formation of early Earth; detective work uncovers that a big nickel deposit in Canada, vast oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico and a gold mine in South Africa all resulted from asteroid impacts.  (Repeat) H2
How the Earth Was Made

Historical clues and the expertise of geologists reveal how powerful forces shaped the planet; each episode examines a single location, such as the San Andreas Fault and Yellowstone National Park.

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