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"Page Not Found"

McGee's girlfriend, Delilah, turns to the team for help when she finds a break in a controversial case; McGee considers asking Delilah to move in.  (Repeat)

Sun 6/14 6:00 PM  USA
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Crime Drama, Action Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Mystery and Suspense

Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, David Mccallum, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Rocky Carroll, Brian Dietzen, Emily Wickersham, Margo Harshman (Guest Star), Manoel Felciano (Guest Star), Richard Ruccolo (Guest Star), Donny Boaz (Guest Star), Stephanie Lemelin (Guest Star), Olesya Rulin (Guest Star), Clayton Snyder (Guest Star), Tom Everett (Guest Star), Julia Cho (Guest Star), Michelle anne Johnson (Guest Star), Erin O'reilly (Guest Star)

Gary Glasberg (Executive Producer), Chas. floyd Johnson (Executive Producer), Mark Horowitz (Executive Producer), Mark Harmon (Executive Producer), Shane Brennan (Executive Producer), Donald Bellisario (Executive Producer), Christopher Walid (Writer), Terrence O'hara (Director)

10:00 AM
"Capitol Offense"  A distinguished senator asks Gibbs for help in solving the murder of a young female Naval officer.  (Repeat) USA
11:00 AM
"Nine Lives"  Gibbs' hunt for the killer of a marine puts him on a collision course with an old friend.  (Repeat) USA
12:00 PM
"Collateral Damage"  Gibbs second-guesses himself when Vance assigns a rookie to work with him on the team's investigation into a deadly bank robbery.  (Repeat) USA
01:00 PM
"Cloak"  The team must play a dangerous war game that leads to very real consequences for one team member.  (Repeat) USA
02:00 PM
"Dagger"  The team is forced to rely on information from questionable sources while trying to stop a criminal bent on stealing government secrets.  (Repeat) USA
03:00 PM
"Road Kill"  The team investigates the death of a petty officer and discovers he may have been leading a violent secret life.  (Repeat) USA
04:00 PM
"Caged"  McGee is held captive in a women's prison after a guard's murder leads to a takeover.  (Repeat) USA
05:00 PM
"Broken Bird"  After Ducky is stabbed at a crime scene, the team uncovers disturbing secrets from the doctor's past.  (Repeat) USA
06:00 PM
"Love & War"  The team discovers a link between a sergeant's murder and his possibly treasonous private life.  (Repeat) USA
07:00 PM
"Deliverance"  Demons of the past come back to haunt Gibbs when he finds a cryptic message waiting for him at a crime scene.  (Repeat) USA

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads a group of colorful personalities in investigating crimes -- ranging from murder and espionage to terrorism -- that have evidence connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel. The team includes witty ex-homicide detective Anthony DiNozzo, quirky forensics specialist Abby Sciuto, and the brilliant -- if insecure -- Timothy McGee. Dr. Donald ``Ducky'' Mallard brings his vast experience in forensics into play to help solve cases.

Current cast
Mark Harmon as NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Michael Weatherly as NCIS Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo
David Mccallum as Dr. Donald ``Ducky'' Mallard
Pauley Perrette as Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto
Sean Murray as NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee
Rocky Carroll as NCIS Director Leon Vance
Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer
Emily Wickersham as NSA Analyst Eleanor ``Ellie'' Bishop

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