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A homicide detective has a rare condition that causes her to remember everything precisely. 

Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh, Jane Curtin, Dallas Roberts, James Liao, Tawny Cypress, Jung Xu, Patrick Boll, Morgan Hallett, Brette Taylor, Abigail Mccabe, Ryan Barry, Jeremy Shamos, Otto Sanchez, A.j. Stetson, Larry Pine, Elizabeth Alderfer, Alan Green, Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin, Daya Vaidya

Ed Redlich (Executive Producer), John Bellucci (Executive Producer), Sarah Timberman (Executive Producer), Carl Beverly (Executive Producer), Quinton Peeples (Writer), Matt earl Beesley (Director), Spencer Hudnut (Writer), Louisa Hill (Writer), Paul Holahan (Director), Sean Crouch (Writer), Daniele Nathanson (Writer), Nick Gomez (Director), Michael Pressman (Director), Ed Decter (Writer), Darnell Martin (Director), Michael Reisz (Writer), Oz Scott (Director), Christine Moore (Writer), Aurorae Khoo (Writer), Gina Gold (Writer), Andy Wolk (Director), Jean De segonzac (Director), Matt Penn (Director), John Bellucci (Writer), Bill Chais (Writer), Rick Bota (Director), Barry Schindel (Writer), Jan Eliasberg (Director), Wendy Battles (Writer), Barry Schkolnick (Writer), David Platt (Director), Peter Werner (Director), Sam Montgomery (Writer), Seith Mann (Director), Ed Redlich (Writer), Jim Adler (Writer), John Coles (Director), Jean Desegonzac (Director), Joan Weiss (Writer), Michael Foley (Writer), Christal Henry (Writer), Erik Oleson (Writer), Heather Bellson (Writer), Anna Foerster (Director), Jan Nash (Writer), Aaron Lipstadt (Director), Jace Alexander (Director), John Showalter (Director), Sherri Cooper (Writer), Jennifer Levin (Writer), Niels Oplev (Director), Eric Oleson (Writer)

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Enigmatic former detective Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) has a rare condition that won't let her forget anything, which complicates things when she is brought in to consult on a case for a team led by her ex-boyfriend, Detective Al Burns (Dylan Walsh). Despite her feelings about Al, it seems right to be investigating homicides, and she decides to take up the shield again and join his unit permanently. Wells hopes that along the way, the unit will be able to help her solve her sister's unsolved murder.

Current cast
Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells
Dylan Walsh as Detective Al Burns
Jane Curtin as Joanne Webster
Dallas Roberts as Eliot Delson
James Liao as Jay Lee
Tawny Cypress as Cherie Rollins-Murray

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