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American Greed

"Wild West Rip-Off"

A charismatic New Mexico real estate broker scams $75 million in a fake land investment program.  (Repeat)

Fri 9/11 8:00 PM  CNBC
Duration: 1 hour
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Crime Drama, News Magazine, Drama, News and Business

Stacy Keach (Narrator)

05:00 PM
"Boy Band Bandit: Lou Pearlman's $500 Million Ponzi"  Boy band mogul, Lou Pearlman, used his music business success to attract money into is fraudulent investment program.  (Repeat) CNBCWLD
07:00 PM
"'Vintage' Wine Fraud"  A counterfeit wine dealer dominates the fine wine scene, making millions selling his cheap basement blends through elite auction houses.  (Repeat) CNBC
08:00 PM
"The Falcon and the Con Man"  A man attempts suicide and confesses to an extraordinary fraud that he perpetrated for the past two decades at a leading commodity futures brokerage.  (Repeat) CNBC
09:00 PM
"Deadly Payout"  A trio of Texas conmen score $100 million by telling investors there's big money in the life settlement insurance business.  (Repeat) CNBC
10:00 PM
"Talk Radio Takedown"  Trevor Cook runs an investment fund and solicits $190 million from U.S. investors that heard his message through talk radio.  (Repeat) CNBC
11:00 PM
"The Playboy of Indiana"  A man with a multimillion-dollar yacht, 80 sports cars and a Playboy magazine model girlfriend runs a $200 million fraud.  (Repeat) CNBC
12:00 AM
"Party's Over: Tyco's Kozlowski"  Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski, who was convicted of misappropriating company funds, gives an interview from prison.  (Repeat) CNBCWLD
12:00 AM
"$udden Death; Hip Hop Hustle"  A successful financial advisor's world crumbles under a multi-million dollar scam; a Chicago-area rapper convinces a local businessman that he's got a new gig that doesn't exist.  (Repeat) CNBC
01:00 AM
"The Dirtiest Con"  A man claims to be reformed after serving seven years in prison for turning his carpet cleaning company into a multimillion-dollar scam.  (Repeat) CNBC
04:00 AM
"Stockbroker Steals From Clients; Builds Harem"  Martin Frankel pleads guilty to fraud and racketeering.  (Repeat) CNBC
American Greed

Stacy Keach narrates this dissection of the dark side of the American Dream, a survey of how far some people go to become rich, no matter the cost to themselves and those around them. Real-life cases are reviewed and involve such criminal activity as credit card scams, identity theft, counterfeiting and Ponzi schemes.

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Stacy Keach

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