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Hell's Kitchen

Chef Gordon Ramsay works with aspiring restaurateurs to open a restaurant. 

Andrea Van willigan, James Avery, Scott Leibfried, Heather West, Gordon Ramsay, Mary ann Salcedo, Jean-philippe Susilovic

Gordon Ramsay (Judge), Paul Jackson (Executive Producer), Arthur Smith (Executive Producer), Kent Weed (Executive Producer)

08:00 PM
"14 Chefs Compete"  Contestants from each team must work in pairs and present a unique pizza dish to Ramsay; the losers clean up and prepare both kitchens for dinner service, while the winners go to a luxurious hotel; one team runs out of a crucial ingredient.  WNYW
08:00 PM
"13 Chefs Compete"  The team that prepares the most-impressive Southern-inspired menu for a sorority's anniversary party wins a trip to Las Vegas; both teams struggle with communication during dinner service.  WNYW
Hell's Kitchen 12

Chef Gordon Ramsay returns for a 12th season of this rigorous culinary competition in which 20 aspiring restaurateurs compete for a head chef position. The contestants' determination, skill and poise are tested during a series of intense challenges and dinner services. While challenge winners receive lavish prizes, the losers face daunting punishments that further test their dedication and resolve. Those who don't impress Ramsay are eliminated until two finalists are left standing to vie for the ultimate prize.

Current cast
Gordon Ramsay Andrea Van willigan James Avery Beth Taylor Bev Lazo-gonzalez Jessica Vogel Joy Parham-thomas Kashia Zollicoffer Melanie Finch Nicole Rutz

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