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Rick Steves' Europe

"Rome: Ancient Glory"

Rome's Colosseum and Pantheon; bike riding along the Appian Way; Roman engineering.  (Repeat)

Thu 4/9 5:30 AM  WNET
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-G
Travel, Interests

Rick Steves (Host)

05:30 AM
"Vienna"  The palace of Maria Theresa; Hapsburg crown jewels; a picnic on the Danube.  (Repeat) WNET
06:30 AM
"Italy's Veneto: Verona, Padua, and Ravenna"  The city of Padua, Italy, is known for its university, Giotto frescoes and basilica; Verona's Roman ruins; Ravenna's mosaics.  (Repeat) WNET
05:00 PM
"Central Turkey"  Aerial view of Cappadocia; underground city; circumcision party; exploring troglodyte ghost towns; shopping for sheep; the modern capital of Ankara.  (Repeat) KYNE
05:00 AM
"Salzburg and Surroundings"  Alpine adventures include summer bobsledding, hiking around Hitler's Eagles Nest hideout and a boat ride on Lake Hallstatt.  (Repeat) WNET
05:00 AM
"Rick Steves' Europe: The Making Of"  The challenges and surprises of travel are shaped into a finished show.  (Repeat) WNET
05:30 AM
"Rome: Ancient Glory"  Rome's Colosseum and Pantheon; bike riding along the Appian Way; Roman engineering.  (Repeat) WNET
Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves' guidebooks, public-radio program and numerous television series have made him an essential resource for travelers wishing to explore Europe. This program finds the knowledgeable host offering globetrotters a fresh perspective on lodgings, transportation and places to visit on their journeys. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is Steves' belief that travelers should become ``temporary locals,'' exploring not only major cities and the usual sites, but out-of-the-way locales that often produce the most authentic, and enjoyable, experiences of a trip.

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