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Martha Speaks

A dog is able to speak after eating a bowl of alphabet soup. 

07:30 AM
"Wagstaff Races; The Missing Metal Mystery"  The environmental club holds a green kart-race; someone's been stealing things from the junkyard.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"Paws and Effect; The Trouble With Teddy"  Martha gets glass in her paw; the dog pack scours the yard for hazardous materials.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"Stanley Saves the Day; Milo Goes for Gold"  Truman's cousin Stanley saves the day when two crooks are spotted at Wagstaff City Hotel; Milo is tired of losing, so he makes up his own games.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"Martha Walks the Dog; Martha's Got Talent"  A new dog in town barks so much that no one is able to sleep; Weaselgraft invites Martha to a talent show.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"Down on the Farm; Martha Runs Away"  Martha tries to help out with chores on T.D.'s grandpa's farm; Martha feels unappreciated and runs away.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"Martha Blah Blah; Skits Behaves"  As letters are removed from the alphabet soup, Martha loses some of her speech; Helen tries to train Skits.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"The Return of Ralph; Little Bo's Sheep"  Ralph returns when Helen's family decide to get a bigger television; Helen and Martha try to get lost sheep to a herding festival.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"Martha and the Canine Caper; Perfectly Martha"  Martha helps some stray dogs rob Karl the butcher, then conceals the evidence; Martha investigates the Perfect Pup Institute.  (Repeat) KYNE
07:30 AM
"Firedog Martha; Martha's Pickle"  Martha longs to be a firehouse dog, but the tasks are not easy; giant alien pickles.  (Repeat) KYNE
Martha Speaks

A family dog gains the power of speech after the letters in some alphabet soup wind up misrouted to her brain instead of her stomach in this whimsical animated series adapted from books by Susan Meddaugh. The show's focus is teaching young people synonyms and vocabulary. Each episode uses key words to showcase an underlying theme.

Current cast
Tabitha St. germain as Martha
Vanesa Tomasino as Carolina
Alex Ferris as TD

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