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Documentaries focus on science, the natural world, history and research. 

09:00 PM
"Surviving the Tsunami: A Nova Special Presentation"  Survivors of the March tsunami in Japan recall their experiences.  (Repeat) KYNE
09:00 PM
"D-Day's Sunken Secrets"  Dive teams, submersibles and underwater robots search the seabed bordering the beaches of Normandy, France, for Allied ships that sank from German shellfire, mines and torpedoes.  (Repeat) KYNE

This long-running, award-winning documentary series focuses on science, its many applications, speculation, history and researchers. Inspired by the BBC documentary program ``Horizons, '' the U.S. series frequently features interviews with scientists directly involved in the topic at hand, and sometimes even boasts footage of a particular discovery.

Henry Cusick (Actor) , Frances O'connor (Actor) , Aidan Mcardle (Actor) , Shirley Henderson (Actor) , Emily Woof (Actor)

Lance Newman (Narrator) , Jay o. Saunders (Narrator) , Harrison Ford (Narrator) , David Pogue (Host) , Richard Smith (Host) , Brian Greene (Host)

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