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Wife Swap

Matriarchs from two families trade lives for 10 days. 

John Schwab (Narrator), Michael Davies (Executive Producer), Stephen Lambert (Executive Producer), Jenny Crowther (Executive Producer), Stef Wagstaffe (Executive Producer)

04:00 PM
"Stamper/Haggerty"  A mom whose heart is in the medieval past and whose head is in the clouds swaps places with a wife and mother who juggles family life and two jobs.  (Repeat) LIFE
05:00 PM
"Ketchum/Sheron"  A woman from Oklahoma, who sacrifices her own wants and needs to focus on her son's wrestling career, trades places with a woman from Maryland, who encourages her children to pursue any interests except sports.  (Repeat) LIFE
Wife Swap

Cameras follow two women from different backgrounds as they trade homes and families for two weeks. The women spend the first week following each other's detailed instructions on how to parent, socialize and run the household. Things change on the second week, when they are allowed to impose their own rules and run things as they please. At the end of the two weeks, the women and their spouses meet for an often-heated discussion, assessing each other's life choices and the effect the experiences had on their families.

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John Schwab

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