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Catfish: The TV Show

Exploring the world of online dating and fake identities. 

Yaniv "nev" Schulman (Host), Max Joseph (Host), Suchin Pak (Host)

03:00 AM
"Daisy & Marcus"  After meeting on Instagram and helping with troubles at home, a man refuses to speak to his love interest on the phone.  (Repeat) MTV
04:00 AM
"Solana & Elijah"  Solana's online love Elijah is hindering her relationship with her boyfriend.  (Repeat) MTV
05:00 AM
"Mike and Caroline"  Mike, a struggling artist from Pensacola, Florida, fell in love online over a year and a half ago; Mike wonder if he's being preyed upon by a stalking catfish.  (Repeat) MTV
06:00 AM
"Trina & Scorpio"  Trina is an exotic dancer who always had trouble meeting guys she could trust, until she met Scorpio, a fellow dancer, online.  (Repeat) MTV
07:00 AM
"Felipe & Jasmine"  A single father wants to settle down with his online love, but after eight months, they still have not met in person.  (Repeat) MTV
08:00 AM
"Cassie & Steve"  Cassie's father was brutally murdered and a friend request and proposal from a rapper helps turn her life around. Now she is ready to meet her fiance for the first time.  (Repeat) MTV
09:00 AM
"Steven & Samm"  Rather than plan for college, a young man wants to move to California to support his online love, but his mother is skeptical.  (Repeat) MTV
10:00 AM
"Ramon & Paola"  Ramon's relationship with a girl he met on Facebook is questioned after failed attempts to video chat.  (Repeat) MTV
03:40 PM
"Lucille & Kidd Cole"  The business arrangement between Lucille and Kidd Cole unravels.  (Repeat) MTV
04:50 PM
"Kim & Matt"  Kim must decide if she should marry her current boyfriend or hold out for a man she met on the Internet who may be her soul mate.  (Repeat) MTV
Catfish: The TV Show

From the producers of the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary film ``Catfish'' comes a TV version, which follows the journey of couples who have formed an online relationship but have never met in person. Filmmakers Yaniv ``Nev'' Schulman -- whose own online love drama was the subject of the ``Catfish'' film -- and Max Joseph travel around the country to tell the stories of these hopeful romantic partners, and each hourlong episode is filled with mystery, surprises, and sometimes even shocking revelations as one partner discovers the truth about his or her significant other. What will happen when they meet in real life for the first time?

Current cast
Yaniv ``nev'' Schulman Max Joseph

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