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08:00 AM
"The Former Mrs. Jenner"  Kim gets an X-ray of her butt to prove it's real; Kris changes her name back to Kardashian.  (Repeat) E
08:30 AM
"Out of Wedlock"  Kourtney contemplates having another child out of wedlock.  (Repeat) E
09:00 AM
"Thicker Than Water"  Kris thinks Bruce is losing his hearing; Rob admits to Kourtney why they don't hang out anymore.  (Repeat) E
09:30 AM
"Kendall Goes on Birth Control"  Bruce discovers Kendall is taking birth control; Kim has a rash on her legs.  (Repeat) E
10:00 AM
"The Have and Have Nots"  Bruce teaches the girls a lesson about how fortunate they are; Kris's incontinence issue gets worse.  (Repeat) E
10:30 AM
"What Happens in Vegas"  Kourtney worries when Scott goes to Vegas; Kylie and Kendall are annoyed when Kris becomes more involved in their lives.  (Repeat) E
11:00 AM
"Talk to My Agent"  Kim decides that she needs to learn how to dance; Scott tries to become Kylie and Kendall's manager, angering Kris.  (Repeat) E
11:30 AM
"The Family Vacation"  Bruce takes the family to Bora Bora to celebrate his anniversary with Kris; Kim's boyfriend upsets the family.  (Repeat) E
12:00 PM
"Getting to Know You"  Kourtney tries to get Scott and Rob to mend their relationship; Bruce surprises Kris with a ceremony to renew their vows.  (Repeat) E
01:00 PM
"Trouble in Paradise"  Rob lashes out at Kim; Kourtney finds out that Scott is drinking too much and gives him an ultimatum.  (Repeat) E
Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Tabloid princess Kim Kardashian and her colorful blended family, led by matriarch Kris Jenner, are the subjects of this reality series that chronicles their often-chaotic domestic life together. Although the family members frequently are at odds, especially Kim and sisters Kourtney and Khlo├®, they always support one another in the end, regardless of how many controversies -- and there are many -- the family experiences as their fame grows. The sisters' business venture, the DASH clothing store chain, becomes part of the family's drama as that enterprise expands over time.

Current cast
Bruce Jenner Kris Jenner Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner

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