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Sex and the City

"Defining Moments"

Carrie starts seeing a jazz-club owner; Charlotte and Trey get together again; Samantha gets involved with a sexy artist.  (Repeat)

Wed 3/18 4:00 PM  E
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-14
Sitcom, Comedy

Sarah Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth, Jim Gaffigan (Guest Star), Sonia Braga (Guest Star), Molly Russell (Guest Star)

Darren Star (Executive Producer), Jenny Bicks (Writer), Allen Coulter (Director)

09:00 AM
"Bay of Married Pigs"  Carrie visits the Hamptons; party-crashers Samantha and Charlotte find themselves among married people.  (Repeat) E
09:30 AM
"Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys"  Carrie and Samantha hook up with two men in their 20s and weigh the pros and cons of dating younger men.  (Repeat) E
10:00 AM
"The Power of the Female Sex"  Carrie dates a handsome French architect; Charlotte poses for a famous artist.  (Repeat) E
10:30 AM
"Secret Sex"  Miranda discovers her boyfriend's sinful secret; Charlotte discusses her affair with a Hasidic Jew.  (Repeat) E
11:00 AM
"The Monogamists"  Carrie wants a monogamous relationship with Mr. Big; Charlotte must deal with her boyfriend's sexual demands.  (Repeat) E
11:30 AM
"Three's a Crowd"  Carrie discovers Mr. Big was previously married, and he and his ex participated in threesomes.  (Repeat) E
12:00 PM
"The Turtle and the Hare"  Mr. Big tells Carrie he will never marry again; Samantha is harshly dumped.  (Repeat) E
12:30 PM
"The Baby Shower"  A baby shower for Laney starts the girls thinking about their futures; Carrie may be pregnant.  (Repeat) E
01:00 PM
"The Drought"  An incident prompts Carrie to believe she and Mr. Big will never share a bed again; Samantha craves old-fashioned sex.  (Repeat) E
01:30 PM
"Oh Come, All Ye Faithful"  Carrie is introduced to Mr. Big's mother as a friend; Miranda returns to Skipper's open arms.  (Repeat) E
Sex and the City

A sex columnist, Carrie Bradshaw, and her three friends -- Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda -- explore Manhattan's dating scene, chronicling the mating habits of single New Yorkers. Not surprisingly, the ladies have a number of beaus throughout the series' run.

Current cast
Sarah Parker as Carrie Bradshaw
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones
Kristin Davis as Charlotte York McDougal
Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes
Chris Noth as Mr. Big

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