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11:00 AM
"The Dominican Republic, Part Two"  Scott feels like an outcast; Kris's medical condition; Kourt's ultimatum.  (Repeat) E
12:00 PM
"Sometimes You Need to Adjust"  Khloe returns to LA; Scott's sweet 16 appearance in NYC.  (Repeat) E
01:00 PM
"Sometimes You Need to Adjust: Part Two"  Khloe feels pressure from the family; Kim's relationship with an old friend.  (Repeat) E
02:00 PM
"The Royal Treatment"  Kris shows Khole Bruce's dark side; Scott goes to London with Kim and Rob; Kim's busy schedule leaves no time for Jonathan.  (Repeat) E
03:00 PM
"Affairs of the Everhart"  Bruce and Angie Everhart become golf buddies; Rob moves back in with Khole and Lamar.  (Repeat) E
04:00 PM
"Parent Trapped"  Kris can't prove her innocence to Bruce; Kim makes Lamar go to the dentist; Rob thinks he is losing his hair.  (Repeat) E
05:00 PM
"Mothers & Daughters"  Kris is urged to go see her sick mother in San Diego; Kourt looks into water birth; Bruce checks into a sleep clinic.  (Repeat) E
06:00 PM
"Tales From the Kardashian Krypt"  Kris starts to arrange her funeral; Khloe is chosen as the guardian for her nephew.  (Repeat) E
02:00 AM
"Special Delivery"  A security breach persuades Kris to step up security; Scott attends to a Lord Disick party in Vegas while Kourtney finds out the baby could come early; Kim and Khloé put on a last-minute baby shower.  (Repeat) E
03:00 AM
"Buggy Boo"  The birth of a third child sends Scott spiraling, and Khloé gets Bruce to help bring Scott back down to earth; Kylie's wish of owning a home comes true faster than she ever thought.  (Repeat) E
Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Tabloid princess Kim Kardashian and her colorful blended family, led by matriarch Kris Jenner, are the subjects of this reality series that chronicles their often-chaotic domestic life together. Although the family members frequently are at odds, especially Kim and sisters Kourtney and Khlo├®, they always support one another in the end, regardless of how many controversies -- and there are many -- the family experiences as their fame grows. The sisters' business venture, the DASH clothing store chain, becomes part of the family's drama as that enterprise expands over time.

Current cast
Bruce Jenner Kris Jenner Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner

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