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My Wife and Kids

"Mom's Away"

Michael contends with multiple problems, including a positive pregnancy test, a sad 6-year-old and Jr.'s basketball troubles.  (Repeat)

Mon 5/25 11:33 AM  MTV2
Duration: 34 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Damon Wayans, Tisha Campbell-martin, George o. Gore ii, Jennifer nicole Freeman, Parker mckenna Posey

Damon Wayans (Executive Producer), Don Reo (Executive Producer), David Himelfarb (Executive Producer), Eric Gold (Executive Producer)

01:47 PM
"Get Out"  Michael tries to get his always-tardy family dressed and out the door to a wedding within just 15 minutes.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:21 PM
"Road Trip"  A family trip to Paul Revere's house tests everyone's nerves.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:54 PM
"Table for Too Many"  Michael is even more disillusioned about eating out after Janet convinces him to go to a Japanese restaurant.  (Repeat) MTV2
03:28 PM
"Table for Too Many"  Dinner at a Japanese restaurant gets worse when the Kyles are seated with the annoying Tyler family.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:00 PM
"Double Date"  Michael agrees to let Claire go on her first date with Tony, but only on condition that it is a double date with Janet and himself.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:30 PM
"Failure to Communicate"  Michael tries to get his parents to begin speaking to each other again.  (Repeat) MTV2
10:00 AM
"Papa Said Knock You Out"  Junior asks Michael for boxing lessons so he can protect his sister's honor.  (Repeat) MTV2
10:30 AM
"Return of the Wall"  Michael steps in to save Kady's soccer team from Janet's overbearing coaching style.  (Repeat) MTV2
11:00 AM
"Working Relationship"  Michael seeks advice from Junior on how to handle Janet's office persona; the cast re-enacts scenes from the movie "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."  (Repeat) MTV2
11:30 AM
"Jr. Kyle, Boy Genius"  Janet and Michael are astounded when their often dim-witted son shines on an IQ test, ranking him as a genius.  (Repeat) MTV2
My Wife and Kids

Michael Kyle is a man on a tragically funny quest for the perfect ``traditional'' family while his wife searches for her own path in life.

Current cast
Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle
Tisha Campbell-martin as Janet ``Jay'' Kyle
George o. Gore ii as Michael Kyle Jr.
Jennifer Freeman as Claire Kyle
Parker mckenna Posey as Kady Kyle
Noah Gray-cabey as Franklin Aloysius Mumford
Andrew Mcfarlane as Tony
Brooklyn Sudano as Vanessa Scott

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