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Dirty Jobs

Host: Mike Rowe. 

Mike Rowe (Host)

09:00 AM
"Big Animal Vet"  Mike gets dirty at a famous barbecue joint, joins forces with a large-animal veterinarian, and finds himself deep in New Jersey sludge.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Monkey Caretaker"  Mike travels to South Africa to train monkeys to run wild.  (Repeat) APL
11:00 AM
"Special Effects Artist"  Mike explores the world of special effects.  (Repeat) APL
12:00 PM
"Turkey Inseminator"  Mike makes a house more energy efficient, then travels to a turkey farm.  (Repeat) APL
01:00 PM
"Wetland Warrior"  Mike acts as a fugitive attempting to outsmart a team of bloodhounds and evade being captured; combating invasive species in the Florida Everglades.  (Repeat) APL
02:00 PM
"Bone Black"  Mike travels to Michigan where he works at a bone black plant.  (Repeat) APL
03:00 PM
"High-Rise Window Washer"  Mike travels to Hawaii to clean windows 40 stories above downtown Honolulu.  (Repeat) APL
04:00 PM
"Micro Algae Man"  A Hawaiian pharmaceutical plant specializes in growing green algae.  (Repeat) APL
05:00 PM
"Concrete Finisher"  Decorative concrete countertops; scariest dirty jobs.  (Repeat) APL
06:00 PM
"Reindeer Farm"  Mike helps shrink-wrap a boat and then travels to Alaska to work on a reindeer farm.  (Repeat) APL

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