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The stories of missing persons. 

09:00 AM
"A Father's Quest"  Leah Peebles vanishes from Albuquerque, N.M.,after moving there to make a fresh start, and her parents find out she had started using drugs again and had turned to prostitution.  (Repeat) ID
10:00 AM
"One Way Ticket"  When a Toronto woman goes missing, investigators discover her fiancĂ© is a married man who is harboring dark secrets.  (Repeat) ID

Here today, gone tomorrow. Thousands of people go missing in the United States each year, leaving behind only a mystery without any clues. Their stories are told in ``Disappeared'' through the voices of family, friends and investigators trying to solve the case, with each hourlong episode recounting the final stages that led to a person's disappearance. Interviews with experts including psychologists and forensic specialists provide new insights into what may have happened, whether foul play was involved or the subject simply ran away.

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