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Gold Rush

Oregonians stake everything on mining and head north to Alaska to dig for gold. 

Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Greg Remsburg, Jim Thurber, Dave Turin, James Harness

Paul Christie (Narrator), Dimitri Doganis (Executive Producer), Sam Maynard (Executive Producer), Christo Doyle (Executive Producer)

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Gold Rush

The boys are back in Alaska (although Discovery dropped the state's mention in the title after the first season) hoping to strike it rich mining for gold. Their first effort was anything but rich and glorious, however, as the crew led by Todd Hoffman and his father, Jack, sunk $250,000 into their dream and came away with just $20,000 worth of gold. The dismal summer was filled with injuries, malfunctioning equipment and constant fighting among the greenhorn miners, yet their serious case of gold fever trumps any talk of giving up and leads to new operating plans in order to salvage their dream. The series also keeps tabs on the efforts of teenager Parker Schnabel, veteran Dakota Fred and longtime Yukon resident Tony Beets to hit the mother lode at separate sites.

Current cast
Todd Hoffman Jack Hoffman Greg Remsburg Jim Thurber Dave Turin Paul Christie

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