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Treehouse Masters

"Wild Butterfly Escape"

Pete builds a butterfly-themed treehouse that includes six trees in Independence, Ohio, for a hope center that wanted a theraputic space within the trees.  (Repeat)

Mon 7/13 8:00 PM  APL
Duration: 1 hour, 01 minute
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Home and Garden, Outdoors, Interests, Sports

Pete Nelson (Host), Mark Grove (Executive Producer), Garry Kief (Executive Producer), Troy Queen (Executive Producer), Jason Carey (Executive Producer)

11:00 AM
"Country Superstar Speakeasy"  Pete builds a secluded, three-story, speakeasy-themed treehouse, 60 feet above the ground with rooftop lounge and writing-and-recording room with vintage guitars for country music superstar Brian Kelley, of the award-winning duo Florida Georgia Line.  (Repeat) APL
12:00 PM
"Ultimate Treehouse Giveaway"  Pete and the NTS crew build an amazing treehouse for the lucky winner of the Ultimate Treehouse Giveaway.  (Repeat) APL
01:00 PM
"Treehive Beehive"  Pete and his team undertake a sticky challenge and reinvent the classic single-tree treehouse; constructing a magnificent and whimsical beehive-like structure soaring 30-feet high in a majestic Douglas fir.  (Repeat) APL
02:00 PM
"Vincent Van Treehouse"  Pete helps three siblings surprise their parents with a Scandinavian-style, two story, art studio treehouse with Murphy-bed art tables, multi-use studio area and sky tents in Wisconsin.  (Repeat) APL
03:00 PM
"Black Bear Bungalow"  Pete creates his first-ever midcentury decagon when he builds a tree house to observe bears in Farmington, Pa. -- complete with walls of glass windows and a "bear-cam" tracking system.  (Repeat) APL
04:00 PM
"Triple Decker Record Setter"  Pete heads to Louisiana to build his biggest treehouse ever; a record-breaking, 1200 sq ft, tree village features 3 separate levels and a 70 ft bridge that connects to a platform set in a trio of nearby trees.  (Repeat) APL
05:00 PM
"The Coolest Treehouse Ever Built"  Pete takes on an exciting project for two tastemakers in Maine that includes a towering rooftop crow's nest and a wall of windows.  (Repeat) APL
06:00 PM
"Sky High Redwood Retreat"  The team attempts to construct a chic but bohemian tri-level, 60-foot-high treehouse in three giant redwoods for an arborist in Humboldt County, Calif.  (Repeat) APL
07:00 PM
"Pete's Most Memorable Builds 2"  (Repeat) APL
08:00 PM
"Pete's Most Memorable Builds 1"  Pete looks back on the time he had to work overtime to get a bride and groom to the altar and built a magical honeymoon suite in the trees.  (Repeat) APL
Treehouse Masters

People who know and work with Pete Nelson describe him as a tree whisperer. For his part, Nelson lets the trees do the talking. He's a world-renowned treehouse designer and builder, and this series documents the work he and his team of craftsmen -- including his son Charlie -- do to create incredible homes and businesses in nature's canopy. Pete uses a combination of science and art to realize clients' sky-high aspirations of magnificent multibedroom treehouses with elaborate kitchens and bathrooms, or simpler, peaceful one-room escapes. ``We awaken that inner child who dreams of living among the trees,'' Pete says. One-of-a-kind above-ground spaces featured in the series include a spa retreat, a brewery, a honeymoon suite, an Irish-themed cottage, and an 800-square-foot Texas treehouse with a full bath and flat-screen TV.

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Pete Nelson

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