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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Women who get all the way to the moment of childbirth without knowing they were pregnant. 

Dave Wittenberg (Narrator), Dave Wittenberg (Host)

06:00 AM
"Baby at a Rest Stop"  A newlywed couple is moving cross-country when the young wife, not knowing she is pregnant, discovers she is in labor.  (Repeat) DLC
06:30 AM
"Baby Despite Birth Control"  Renee goes to the hospital with extreme back pains thinking it's a kidney infection; she is shocked to find out she is 8 months pregnant.  (Repeat) DLC
07:00 AM
"Baby in My Sweatpants"  Fifteen months after her son's birth, Emily fears her appendix has burst and her mother rushes her to the emergency room.  (Repeat) DLC
07:30 AM
"Baby in a 110-Pound Body"  A woman in top shape suddenly has debilitating cramps; at the hospital she is stunned to learn she is pregnant and in labor.  (Repeat) DLC
08:00 AM
"Baby in the Bowl"  Alicia barely survives a harrowing car accident. Then, just 18 months later, a surprising pregnancy threatens the life of her newborn.  (Repeat) DLC
08:30 AM
"Baby and the Bathwater"  A woman goes into labor in her bathtub.  (Repeat) DLC
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Believe it or not, many women get all the way to the moment of childbirth without knowing they were pregnant. How is that possible? Using true stories as a guide, this series examines some of the reasons, which include a small or inactive fetus, dieting, irregular periods caused by stress, past infertility and poor use of birth control.

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Dave Wittenberg

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