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Four Weddings

"... and a Wishing Lantern"

Nicole's beach-theme wedding; Ty's penthouse bash; Aurea's garden ceremony; Lara's Viennese dessert hour.  (Repeat)

Sun 4/20 10:00 AM  TLC
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Documentary, Interests

09:00 AM
"... and the Reverse Worm"  Tara's wedding is all about the party; Katie planned a Roaring '20s affair; Christina is calling the shots; Jennie and her bride celebrate their long-awaited ceremony.  (Repeat) TLC
10:00 AM
"... and a Wishing Lantern"  Nicole's beach-theme wedding; Ty's penthouse bash; Aurea's garden ceremony; Lara's Viennese dessert hour.  (Repeat) TLC
11:00 AM
"... and a Flirtatious Ape"  Keshia exchanges vows on the lawn of a mansion; Jaclyn says I do at the zoo; Melissa decorates with paper decorations; Megan explores with tarot cards.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"... and the Leaning Tower of Eiffel"  Heather and her surf and sand nuptials; Shakelia's big day is in a Baptist church; Jessica and karaoke; Chimere's guests sip mocktails under a 12-foot Eiffel Tower.  (Repeat) TLC
04:00 PM
"... And Ballpark Peanuts"  Lydia's big day has music from a historic pipe organ and maracas; Jennifer's day is all about her Portuguese heritage; Deanna shows her love with hand written notes on river rocks; Aimee surprises guests with a late night snack.  (Repeat) TLC
04:00 PM
"... And an Army Salute"  Kathy's Coney Island bash showcases New York; Stacyann treats her guests to Jamaican goat soup; Amanda receives a very special Army salute at her wedding; Larissa's butterfly theme.  (Repeat) TLC
04:00 PM
"... And a Bacon Bar"  Anjali is the princess at her medieval castle wedding; Cammi serves up bacon during her Harvard University reception; Celeste has a backyard fiesta; Jenna entertains at a maritime museum.  (Repeat) TLC
Four Weddings

Every bride hopes her big day is spectacular and she works hard to make it the best possible wedding ever. This series gives women the chance to see how their weddings stack up -- against those of other brides. Each episode follows four brides as they plan their own weddings and attend each others' nuptials. At the end, they must vote on which wedding takes the cake. The winning bride and groom will be whisked off on a dream honeymoon.

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