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48 Hours: Hard Evidence

True stories of crime. 

Maureen Maher (Host)

04:00 PM
"Name, Rank, Serial Killer?"  The commander of a prestigious Canadian Air Force base, a man may be hiding a sinister truth about a series of bizarre sexual crimes.  (Repeat) DFH
04:00 PM
"Deep Secret"  A police officers wife goes missing; the officer becomes the prime subject.  (Repeat) DFH
04:00 PM
"Murder at the Manor"  American mogul Harold Landry thought he found love with his third wife, Lucy Davis, but when the marriage begins to crumble, Lucy is found stabbed more than 20 times, and Harold becomes the lead suspect.  (Repeat) DFH
04:00 PM
"Grave Injustice"  In August 1992, the Davis family was murdered while sleeping; the police arrested Anthony Graves for the crimes, but for years he has maintained his innocence.  (Repeat) DFH
04:00 PM
"Lady in the Pool"  Jan is found at the bottom of her swimming pool; an investigation reveals disturbing facts about her widower.  (Repeat) DFH
04:00 PM
"Shelley's Last Breath"  The scuba diving death of Shelley Tyre while on vacation on the Caribbean isle of Tortola.  (Repeat) DFH
04:00 PM
"A Fatal Attraction"  Joanne Witt's daughter, Tylar, 14, was dating Steven Colver, 19, and Joanne was not happy when she learned the two were having sex; after Joanne called the police, the couple decided to get rid of her.  (Repeat) DFH
01:00 PM
"The Usual Suspect"  A woman missing for days is found murdered; police discover she stumbled on a secret and was killed to keep quiet.  (Repeat) TLC
02:00 PM
"Honor and Dishonor"  An Army sergeant is arrested for the death of his estranged wife and her former mother-in-law; the U.S. Army tries the case after prosecutors fail to reach a verdict.  (Repeat) TLC
03:00 PM
"Cold as Ice"  Soon after a woman is found murdered the case goes cold; it takes a mother's deathbed confession five decades later to solve the crime.  TLC
48 Hours: Hard Evidence

A version of the award-winning CBS true-crime series delves into investigations of murder, gambling, missing persons and other incidents, with ``48 Hours'' correspondent Maureen Maher introducing reports.

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Maureen Maher

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