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Extreme Couponing

"KT & Erin"

A single mother attempts a $4,000 haul; a mother supports her family of five with coupons.  (Repeat)

Sat 3/14 4:30 PM  TLC
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Interests

09:00 AM
"Julie & Faatima"  Julie has the chance to coupon for a job; Faatima is determined to get healthy and loose weight.  (Repeat) TLC
09:30 AM
"Zadia & Briana"  Zadia takes her friends couponing to prove she can still get savings; Briana and her boyfriend Jose are ready to get engaged but Briana refuses to go into debt to pay for the ring.  (Repeat) TLC
10:00 AM
"Susan & Cole"  Susan tries to beat her savings record for her 40th "couponiversary"; Cole has some stockpile requests from his roommate at school.  (Repeat) TLC
10:30 AM
"April & Chasity"  April and Chasity are best friends and couponing partners who are saving up for new stockpile storage buildings; when a romantic lunch turns into a couponing challenge, their husbands' attempt to coupon and threaten their savings.  (Repeat) TLC
11:00 AM
"Rudy & Gia"  Rudy and her husband, Chase, are renewing their vows and Rudy wants to spend just $20 on the reception; Gia attempts to feed her 16-person Italian family dinner for under $100.  (Repeat) TLC
11:30 AM
"Jeff & Kelly"  Jeff comes from a dynasty of male couponers and is passing the torch on to his son; Kelly is couponing for her basketball team's post game party.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Erin & Dominique"  Erin's unorganized method may be her downfall; Dominique and his frat brothers use their stockpile for an epic college party.  (Repeat) TLC
12:30 PM
"Lisa and April"  Lisa hopes to spend only $15 for a month's worth of groceries; April plans to feed 300 guests for less than $100.  (Repeat) TLC
01:00 PM
"J'aime & Tiffany"  J'aime plans to use her coupons to get $2000 worth of groceries for around $100; Tiffany and her husband rethink their coupon strategy.  (Repeat) TLC
01:30 PM
"Kelly & Rebecca"  Kelly takes her friend on a shopping trip to show off her couponing skills; Rebecca tries to get her husband interested in couponing.  (Repeat) TLC
Extreme Couponing

There's saving a few dollars here and there by clipping coupons ... and then there's the ``super couponers'' profiled in this series. They share why they are so driven by finding the best deals and show the amazing ways in which they collect coupons, including one woman who sifts through dumpsters for them. Their shopping skills are first-rate as well, using those clippings to stockpile thousands of dollars in merchandise for a fraction of the cost.

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