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What Not to Wear

Individuals receive fashion interventions. 

Carmindy , Ted Gibson, Nick Arrojo

Stacy London (Host), Clinton Kelly (Host), Wayne Lukas (Host)

12:00 PM
"Jackie"  Stacy and Clinton help a mom who loves to show off her assets.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Heather"  Stacy and Clinton help to transform Heather's flashy style.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Tenessa"  This web content specialist loves to wear clothes that make people laugh.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Beryl"  Beryl admits she is limiting herself by having pink hair and a careless wardrobe.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Alexandra"  Alexandra believes that women should be comfortable first, even if that means sacrificing their style.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Minda"  Minda is a vibrant wheelchair athlete with a drab wardrobe that doesn't fit her positive attitude.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Shannon Elizabeth"  Actress Shannon Elizabeth came onto the scene in the film American Pie; Shannon still finds herself stuck in her young, sex kitten persona.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Heather M"  Heather has worked at a youth retail chain since high school; eight years later she is still there.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Melinda P"  Melinda wears tight clothes that have prevented her from joining the family business; Stacy and Clinton help her find a more mature style.  (Repeat) TLC
What Not to Wear

Fashionistas Stacy London and Clinton Kelly ambush a style felon nominated by family and friends and offer that person $5,000 to buy a new wardrobe -- if he or she will throw out their current wardrobe and agree to be critiqued by the unwavering eyes of Stacy and Clinton. The participant's makeover also includes grooming courtesy of hairstylist Ted Gibson and makeup artist Carmindy.

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Stacy London Clinton Kelly Carmindy Ted Gibson

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