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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Lori Allen and fashion director Monte Durham go to extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams. 

02:30 PM
"Chocolate Milk, Mermaids and Mothers"  A woman's definition of a sexy dress causes chaos; a bride wants a mermaid dress to show off her figure.  (Repeat) TLC
03:00 PM
"Country Girls Do Bridal Best"  Hannah wants a dress to match her special cowgirl boots; Bride Leslie knows what she wants, but it is her mother who is paying for the gown; former Miss America Caressa has a bridal fitting.  (Repeat) TLC
03:30 PM
"Divas on the Defense"  A former pageant coach helps with dress selection; a fashion diva bridesmaid argues over lace; a custom-made gown.  (Repeat) TLC
04:00 PM
"Princess Brides Beware"  Small-town bride Lindsay has big princess dreams for her wedding dress; Bride Bailey has simple tastes but her mother loves bling; Allie is worried she will not fit into her gown.  (Repeat) TLC
04:30 PM
"No to the Bow"  Kayla wants to please her mom while shopping for a dress; Danielle wants a lace gown for her big day but her Dad is against it; in her fitting, Whitney hopes her dress will live up to her mom's high standards.  (Repeat) TLC
05:00 PM
"Tulle vs. Ta-Ta's"  Bride Summer falls in love with a dress nearly twice her budget; an NFL cheerleader and her mom differ in opinion; bride Meredith must choose comfortable yet cute shoes.  (Repeat) TLC
05:30 PM
"The Family Feud"  Bride Cindy brings her fiance and their four kids to her appointment; Cheyna's biker dad envisions her in a certain gown which is proving hard to find.  (Repeat) TLC
09:00 AM
"A Case of Tunnel Vision"  Bride Michelle has focused on helping her fiance recover from an accident and spent no time on her wedding; bride Ronesha thinks she has a very clear vision of her wedding dress.  (Repeat) TLC
09:30 AM
"A Dress Worth Saying I Do"  Bride Brandi hopes to find a dress similar to what her idle, singer Jessie James Decker, wore on her wedding day; bride Liz struggles to embrace her new body in a dress.  (Repeat) TLC
10:00 AM
"A Bridal Change of the Heart"  A bride's country superstar boss; a runaway bride's short gown; one bride's unique request at her fitting.  (Repeat) TLC
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

This series takes the ``Say Yes to the Dress'' franchise to one of the largest and busiest bridal salons in the South, Bridals by Lori, which is visited by roughly 10,000 brides annually. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the shop's staff, headed by owner Lori Allen and fashion director Monte Durham, goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.

Current cast
Lori Allen Monte Durham Robin Gibbs Flori Waters

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