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Bar Rescue

"Karaoke Katastrophe"

Dated decor, an angry chef and an oblivious, hoarding owner hinder the success of a karaoke bar.  (Repeat)

Sun 5/10 2:20 PM  SPIKETV
Duration: 1 hour, 07 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Interests

Jon Taffer

J.d. Roth (Executive Producer), Todd Nelson (Executive Producer)

12:03 AM
"Storming the Castle"  A castle-shaped bar with an owner who has anger management issues and is pushing staff to their breaking points.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
03:01 AM
"Mystique or Murder?"  Jon tries to restore the Mystique Lounge in West Palm Beach, Fla.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
11:00 AM
"Weber's of Lies"  Jon helps a former strip club in Reseda, Calif., become profitable; a bartender is caught stealing.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
12:06 PM
"On the Rocks"  Jon must save a failing former smoker's haven in California from burning out for good.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
01:13 PM
"Hogtied Ham's"  Jon tries to save automotive-themed Angry Ham's Garage.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
02:20 PM
"Karaoke Katastrophe"  Dated decor, an angry chef and an oblivious, hoarding owner hinder the success of a karaoke bar.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
03:27 PM
"Jon of the Dead"  A bar run by two burned-out rockers is failing.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
04:33 PM
"Meat Sauna"  Burger smoke covers patrons; getting no laughs at a comedy club.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
05:40 PM
"Muscle Madness"  Two meatheads' tempers and testosterone threaten their friendship and their Houston bar.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
06:46 PM
"Scoreboard to Death"  Wrangling with an incompetent owner and undertrained staff; actress Maria Menounos guest stars.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
Bar Rescue

Jon Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay of the bar and nightclub business. In each episode of this series, Taffer helps transform a struggling bar into a vibrant, profitable business, utilizing his expertise as a nightlife consultant who has started, flipped or owned more than 600 bars and clubs in his career. From the height of the bar stools and the science of the perfect pour to the effect the tempo of the music has on alcohol consumption, Taffer delves into every facet of the business, and he does it with a no-holds-barred style. He's assisted by his wife, Nicole -- who enters establishments under cover to help diagnose the problems -- along with a rotating cast of experts that include a celebrity chef, a Master of Whisky and a mixologist.

Current cast
Jon Taffer

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