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Auction Hunters

Public auction prospectors bid on unclaimed storage units. 

09:00 PM
"Whiskey Business"  An auction in Allen's old stomping grounds; finding a set of RC race boats and a man-cave unit full of whiskey leads to a night of partying and some tough sales.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
09:30 PM
"Haff-Inated"  Without his morning coffee Allen turns to some fun items to help him re-energize; finding a wrestling ring; vintage animatronics remind Allen of his theme park days.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
09:00 AM
"Carnies & Armories"  A tough group of bidders go up against Ton and Allen; Native American used arsenal and vintage carnival gear.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
Auction Hunters

When storage units are put up for auction, Allen Haff and Clinton Jones speed into action. The business partners have capitalized on what has become a thriving trade amidst a down economy: buying abandoned storage units in hope of finding valuable property inside. This series follows Haff and Jones as they travel from auction to auction, first showing how they determine their bids after getting only a brief look inside the units. Then if they win the auction, the ``dig'' begins, a process by which they assess every item in the unit before selling the valuable ones in the antique and collectible markets.

Current cast
Clinton ``ton'' Jones Allen Haff

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