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Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims.  (Repeat)

Sat 5/30 2:30 PM  SPIKETV
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Crime, Law, Interests

John Langley (Executive Producer), Morgan Langley (Producer), Jim Langley (Producer)

04:00 PM
"New Jersey"  Officers approach a youth suspected of selling drugs; a woman denies drug use; a man holds a woman at knife-point.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
04:30 PM
"Jacksonville"  In Jacksonville; drug activity; a woman finds raccoons in her chimney; suspicious driver.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
05:00 PM
"Coast to Coast"  New Orleans police crack down on suspects in an area known for drug activity; a California deputy trails a suspicious vehicle and finds drugs.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
06:00 PM
"Coast to Coast"  Officers respond to a domestic disturbance call from a motel and find a woman irate with her boyfriend, whom she found in a truck with another woman.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
06:30 PM
"Family Ties Special Edition"  A Wichita, Kan., officer discovers sufficient evidence to arrest three suspects; a Massachusetts officer detains a man driving a motorcycle without a license.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
07:00 PM
"Coast to Coast"  Police are dispatched to a fast-food restaurant where a disturbed man has reportedly threatened a customer.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
07:30 PM
"Coast to Coast"  A police officer pursues a speeding motorcycle; an officer apprehends a suspect with a loaded rifle in the back seat of his vehicle.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
08:00 PM
"Passaic County, NJ; Riverside County, CA; Wichita, KS: Drug Busts: Special Edition"  Officers stop a vehicle as it is leaving a well-known drug area; a pregnant woman and her two male passengers are taken into custody after a package of marijuana is found in their vehicle.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
08:30 PM
"Home Assaults"  Officers investigate when people claim they were assaulted; two brothers get into a fight; a man threatens to kill his daughter and son-in-law.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
01:30 AM
"Coast to Coast"  Deputies in Texas' Harris County pursue a truck hauling golf carts; officers in Las Vegas pull over a suspicious car driving in a mall parking lot; officers in Rialto, Calif., respond to the scene of an accident.  (Repeat) SPIKETV

Bad boys, watcha gonna do? This series features police officers, constables and sheriff's deputies patrolling streets for car thieves, drug pushers, sex-trade workers, violent thugs and anyone else who dares step onto the wrong side of the law. There's no music, no scripted dialogue, no narration -- just sometimes gritty videos of cops in action during patrols and other police activities. In addition to following officers in 140 different U.S. cities, action has also been documented abroad in the former Soviet Union, Hong Kong and London.

John Langley (Executive Producer) , Morgan Langley (Producer) , Jim Langley (Producer)

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