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Hotel Impossible

Anthony Melchiorri takes hotels that are struggling and turns them into bustling tourist getaways. 

Anthony Melchiorri (Host), Bruce david Klein (Executive Producer), Lorri Leighton (Executive Producer), Rob Green (Executive Producer), Brian Leonard (Executive Producer)

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Hotel Impossible

It's almost impossible to survive in the highly competitive hotel business without competent customer service, because patrons who experience an unhappy hotel stay often visit online review sites to tell their negative stories. And once word gets around, guests stop coming around. That's when Anthony Melchiorri arrives on the scene. He's a hotel ``fixer,'' the guy hotel operators call when their establishment needs to be overhauled. This hourlong series portrays the tough-love style Melchiorri uses at hotels across the country as he implements changes that include staff retraining and lobby renovations. With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality business, Melchiorri says he knows the minute he walks into a hotel what needs to be fixed.

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