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Mysteries at the Museum

Don Wildman delves into the stories behind museum artifacts. 

Don Wildman (Host), Nicola Moody (Executive Producer), Dominic Stobart (Executive Producer), David Gerber (Executive Producer)

12:00 PM
"Iconic L.A."  A dress from a Hollywood epic; a surfboard that bears evidence with a shark; metal shrapnel that played a role.  (Repeat) TRAV
01:00 PM
"Amazing Discoveries"  Gummy origins; a rocky tale; inscriptions linked to heroism and heartbreak.  (Repeat) TRAV
02:00 PM
"Death Defying"  A school bus at a kidnapping; a manuscript tells a tale; a set of stones with powers.  (Repeat) TRAV
03:00 PM
"Unbelievable"  Proof of alien intelligence; an antique fire truck; a damaged airplane part.  (Repeat) TRAV
04:00 PM
"Unearthed"  A cotton doll of a tragic fate; a weathered trunk at the center of a mystery; a television set in a top-secret government operation.  (Repeat) TRAV
05:00 PM
"Monumental Mysteries Special"  An eerie bronze sculpture in a Washington D.C. courtyard that may be possessed; secrets of Mount Rushmore.  (Repeat) TRAV
06:00 PM
"Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter; Lincoln Brass Knuckles; Pneumatic Subway; Karen Silkwood Murder; Einstein's Brain; Morgan Affair"  Don looks at sketches of creatures, some brass knuckles that saves a president and a secret society building.  (Repeat) TRAV
07:00 PM
"The Death William Wood; Hacker Spy; Skunk Ape"  Ventriloquist dummies who may be witnesses to a crime; rudimentary electronic device; plaster cast of a footprint.  (Repeat) TRAV
08:00 PM
"Damascus Missile; Eye in the Sky; Soapy Smith"  Pieces of metal related to a nuclear nightmare that still haunts Arkansas; a life-sized sculpture of one of the West's most notorious cons.  (Repeat) TRAV
10:00 PM
"Black Dahlia; French Angel; Sterling Hall Bombing"  A box that holds clues to Hollywood's most infamous unsolved murder; a figure that appears to be more monster than man; a notorious and deadly domestic terrorist attack.  (Repeat) TRAV
Mysteries at the Museum

The extraordinary, often bizarre treasures housed in America's museums represent wondrous chapters in history, but a physical display can tell only part of their story. Behind each artifact are amazing tales and secrets to be revealed -- tales sometimes brimming with scandal, mystery, murder and intrigue. In ``Mysteries at the Museum,'' host Don Wildman visits a wide variety of museums across the United States, taking viewers on a sometimes shocking tour of America's past by re-examining what's been left behind. Interviews, archival footage and re-enactments bring to life the artifacts' enduring mysteries, some that have never been told before on television.

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