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Mysteries at the Museum

Don Wildman delves into the stories behind museum artifacts. 

Don Wildman (Host), Nicola Moody (Executive Producer), Dominic Stobart (Executive Producer), David Gerber (Executive Producer)

12:00 PM
"Japanese WMD's; Houdini Stature..."  Coos Bay Histrorical Society; a weapon of mass destruction sent from the Japanese to the US mainland during WWII.  (Repeat) TRAV
01:00 PM
"Theremin; Silly Putty; Tacoma Narrows Bridge"  How one of the first electronic instruments caused a scandal; the mystery of 36 preserved bodies; the only clue to the USS Cyclops' disappearance.  (Repeat) TRAV
02:00 PM
"Failed Assassination of JFK; Max Factor; Martian Monkey"  An examination of a pin that's connected to a devious plot that threatened the country's most famous family; a bizarre contraption that was designed by a pioneer in the glamorous world of silver screen beauty; a strange being.  (Repeat) TRAV
03:00 PM
"Shrunken Heads; Greeley Expedition; Broken Arrow"  Don examines a miniature head from the jungle; a journal details an Arctic expedition; the dented casing of the hydrogen bomb of a nuclear accident.  (Repeat) TRAV
04:00 PM
"Roulette Computer; LA Shootout; the Brooklyn Enigma; Equitable Building Disaster; Pigeon Missile; 1918 Flu"  Don Wildman investigates a wearable computer, a bizarre weapon of war and a custom-made suit of armor that helped perpetuate one of the longest and most shocking street battles in America.  (Repeat) TRAV
05:00 PM
"Don Bolles' Quest For The Truth, Stanley's Miraculous Snake Oil, The Infamous Northfield Raid"  A mangled car tells of an intrepid journalist's quest for the truth; a vial of liquid contains an alleged miracle cure; an iron safe played a key role in a bloody Wild West heist.  (Repeat) TRAV
06:00 PM
"Invention of Pop Rocks; Pinball Wizard; London Smog"  A popular beverage transformed into an explosive candy; a pinball machine; a flare stick that guided Londoners through dark days.  (Repeat) TRAV
08:00 PM
"Brassiere Brigade; Flight for Life; Connecticut Haunting"  A brassiere gives an unexpected boost; a plane soars to safety; a religious icon scorched by the forces of evil.  (Repeat) TRAV
10:00 PM
"Dial M for Missing; $7 Renoir; Secret in the Attic"  The disappearance of a writer; a Renoir painting; a police ledger tells a tale of a secretive love affair.  (Repeat) TRAV
11:00 PM
"Sheppton Mine Disaster, Bite Board, Erie Collar Bomb"  A makeshift harness that played a role in a mine rescue; a surf board that bears the evidence of an attack; crude explosive device at the center of a bank heist.  (Repeat) TRAV
Mysteries at the Museum

The extraordinary, often bizarre treasures housed in America's museums represent wondrous chapters in history, but a physical display can tell only part of their story. Behind each artifact are amazing tales and secrets to be revealed -- tales sometimes brimming with scandal, mystery, murder and intrigue. In ``Mysteries at the Museum,'' host Don Wildman visits a wide variety of museums across the United States, taking viewers on a sometimes shocking tour of America's past by re-examining what's been left behind. Interviews, archival footage and re-enactments bring to life the artifacts' enduring mysteries, some that have never been told before on television.

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