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Bizarre Foods America

"St. Louis: Pig Snouts & Paddlefish"

Brain sandwiches and crispy pig snouts; pig heart pastrami; dessert made with organ meats and caramel sauce.  (Repeat)

Mon 9/7 6:00 PM  TRAV
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Travel, Cooking, Interests

Andrew Zimmern (Host), Andrew Zimmern (Executive Producer), Colleen Steward (Executive Producer), David Gerber (Executive Producer)

06:00 PM
"Seattle"  Andrew visits Seattle, where the food scene can be high-tech or ruggedly simple. He's an eyewitness to how complicated gadgets create brand-new tastes, and he visits an all-natural farm to eat cow placenta.  (Repeat) TRAV
07:00 PM
"Third Coast: Stingrays, Swamp and Swine"  Andrew visits the forgotten Gulf shore where people strive to preserve their own unique way of life; stingray tacos; pan fried duck testicles; nutria stew.  (Repeat) TRAV
12:00 PM
"Wisconsin"  Science behind what makes milk taste better; a traditional Serbian casserole made with lamb organs; emu testicles.  (Repeat) TRAV
01:00 PM
"San Diego"  From wild vegetables to wild animals, Andrew gets a taste of the unexpected when he visits San Diego.  (Repeat) TRAV
02:00 PM
"St. Croix, Usvi: Bull's Feet In Paradise"  Andrew visits St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he discovers a diverse cultural melting pot of food. Goat water soup; conch roti; breadfruit tostones.  (Repeat) TRAV
03:00 PM
"Virginia, Cicadas & Cownose Rays"  Andrew Zimmern finds out that in Virginia, people aren't afraid to shake up tradition when it comes to food.  (Repeat) TRAV
04:00 PM
"Undiscovered Hawaii"  Andrew wants to find out what Hawaiians really like to eat; dried octopus bile sac; crispy pork intestine;and a traditional take on a raw fish salad that includes the eyeballs.  (Repeat) TRAV
05:00 PM
"Chicago's Cutting Edge"  A fish dish made with ambergris; charcuterie that includes duck heart pate; a soup that smells like a dead body.  (Repeat) TRAV
06:00 PM
"St. Louis: Pig Snouts & Paddlefish"  Brain sandwiches and crispy pig snouts; pig heart pastrami; dessert made with organ meats and caramel sauce.  (Repeat) TRAV
10:00 PM
"Charleston"  Andrew gets a taste of the rewards from hard work and discovers the true flavor of Charleston's food scene.  (Repeat) TRAV
Bizarre Foods America

The continuation of ``Bizarre Foods'' finds Andrew Zimmern keeping his passport at home, as the chef and writer embarks on a culinary exploration of the great U, S of A. From traditional foods passed down through generations to modern eats whose roots are purely American, the United States is home to a smorgasbord of bizarre foods and equally extraordinary stories associated with them. So who best to taste and tell than Andrew, the man who lives by the motto ``If it looks good, eat it''? The cultural cuisine master has done plenty of that throughout the history of ``Bizarre Foods,'' with the ``America'' incarnation including a celebration of the series' 100th episode.

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Andrew Zimmern

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