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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

"Karma to Burn"

A distraught D.B. Russell leads the CSI team on a dangerous mission -- to locate his abducted granddaughter.  (Repeat)

Mon 6/8 11:00 AM  USA
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Action Adventure, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Mystery and Suspense

Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue, George Eads, Paul Guilfoyle, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Robert Hall, David Berman, Wallace Langham, Elisabeth Harnois, Jon Wellner, Marc Vann (Guest Star), Peri Gilpin (Guest Star), Brooke Nevin (Guest Star), Mia Hays (Guest Star), Billy Magnussen (Guest Star), Larry Mitchell (Guest Star), Conor O'farrell (Guest Star), Brandon Jones (Guest Star), Peter Onorati (Guest Star), Enrique Murciano (Guest Star), Craig Sheffer (Guest Star), Lewis Powell (Guest Star), Dennis Hill (Guest Star), Bruno Gioiello (Guest Star), William Morse (Guest Star), Ron Del barrio (Guest Star), Jonathan Camp (Guest Star)

Jerry Bruckheimer (Executive Producer), Carol Mendelsohn (Executive Producer), Ann Donahue (Executive Producer), Anthony Zuiker (Executive Producer), William Petersen (Producer), Christopher Barbour (Writer), Don Mcgill (Writer), Alec Smight (Director)

09:00 AM
"Goodbye & Good Luck"  The apparent suicide of a female freshman on a college campus brings Sara back in contact with an old nemesis.  (Repeat) USA
10:00 AM
"You Kill Me"  Hodges stages hypothetical murders to give colleagues a chance to practice; everyone tries to reach out to Grissom following Sara's departure.  (Repeat) USA
11:00 AM
"Cockroaches"  Warrick's drug addiction affects his work when he is named the prime suspect in a mob-related murder case while probing the underground mob in Las Vegas.  (Repeat) USA
12:00 PM
"Lying Down With Dogs"  The death of a wealthy socialite leads Grissom and his team into the world of illegal dog fighting; Warrick tries to clear his name in the murder of an exotic dancer.  (Repeat) USA
01:00 PM
"Bull"  Grissom and his team investigate two murders at the annual bull-riding finals -- killings that may be related to illegal bull breeding; Ty Murray, Jewel and Shooter Jennings guest star as themselves.  (Repeat) USA
02:00 PM
"Grissom's Divine Comedy"  Grissom and the team battle the flu while investigating the deaths of several key witnesses in a grand jury case involving a dangerous Las Vegas gang.  (Repeat) USA
10:00 PM
"Bad Blood"  When a crime scene turns out to be contaminated with a deadly pathogen, Greg and Sara must be quarantined.  (Repeat) WCBS
10:00 PM
"Bad Blood"  When a crime scene turns out to be contaminated with a deadly pathogen, Greg and Sara must be quarantined.  (Repeat) WCBSDT
08:00 AM
"Stealing Home"  The CSIs try to determine how an entire house was stolen off its foundation; Julie's skill in blood analysis is revealed.  (Repeat) USA
09:00 AM
"CSI Unplugged"  When a child is abducted during a blackout, the team must use old-school methods to try to solve the case.  (Repeat) USA
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

A dedicated group of forensic investigators at the Las Vegas Crime Lab works to solve often-grisly crimes in Sin City. Heading up the graveyard shift (an appropriate term in this case) is supervisor D.B. Russell, a ``Left Coast'' Sherlock Holmes who devours crime novels. Members of Russell's team include Julie Finlay, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle (the team's moral compass), Greg Sanders and Morgan Brody. The investigative team works closely with Capt. Jim Brass -- a seasoned detective who is a protector of CSI -- Dr. Al Robbins -- medical examiner -- and quirky lab technician David Hodges. Previous leaders of the group include Gil Grissom and Dr. Ray Langston.

Current cast
Ted Danson as D.B. Russell
Elisabeth Shue as Julie Finlay
George Eads as Nick Stokes
Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders
Robert Hall as Dr. Al Robbins
David Berman as David Phillips
Wallace Langham as David Hodges
Elisabeth Harnois as Morgan Brody
Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews

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