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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Solutions to crimes play out from the perspectives of the criminals. 

04:00 AM
"Smothered"  The murder of a pregnant, recovering drug abuser leads the detectives to the doorstep of a socialite's son.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
06:00 PM
"Masquerade"  An exiled pedophile confesses to murdering a former beauty queen's daughter on Halloween night in 1992; detectives requestion the mother, who was originally accused of the crime.  (Repeat) IONSAT
07:00 PM
"Country Crossover"  When the corpse of a high-profile hip-hop producer appears outside his studio, Capt. Ross steps into a different role to catch the killer.  (Repeat) IONSAT
08:00 PM
"The War at Home"  Goran and Eames must help Commissioner Leland Dockerty and his wife find their missing daughter.  (Repeat) IONSAT
09:00 PM
"Blasters"  Logan and Wheeler discover evidence of drug abuse when a former child star is found beaten and murdered; evidence leads them to the Albanian mob and a counterfeiting operation.  (Repeat) IONSAT
10:00 PM
"Weeping Willow"  Logan and Wheeler must determine whether the kidnapping of a popular video blogger and her boyfriend, seen online, was real or staged.  (Repeat) IONSAT
11:00 PM
"World's Fair"  Detectives Logan and Wheeler investigate when a Pakistani woman is found murdered after trying to break up an ethnic dispute.  (Repeat) IONSAT
12:00 AM
"Privilege"  When the granddaughter of a prominent New York socialite is killed, Goren and Eames must enter a web of family secrets as they try to find the killer.  (Repeat) IONSAT
01:00 AM
"Albatross"  When a respected judge is killed during the re-creation of a famous duel, Goren and Eames question his dueling partner, a prominent political candidate's husband.  (Repeat) IONSAT
02:00 AM
"Abel & Willing"  The team investigates a murderous scientist who preys on couples, forcing them to choose which one of them will die.  (Repeat) USA
Law & Order: Criminal Intent

NYPD detectives of the Major Case Squad use unconventional methods to solve crimes. Like its predecessor, the original ``Law & Order,'' its storylines are often based on real-life headlines, and it features a cadre of quirky cops whose mission it is to find the criminals and make them pay.

Current cast
Vincent D'onofrio as Detective Robert Goren
Kathryn Erbe as Detective Alexandra Eames
Jay Sanders as Capt. Joseph Hannah

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