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Covert Affairs

A young CIA trainee is promoted to field operative. 

08:00 AM
"Starlings of the Slipstream"  Annie searches for a rogue chemist in Germany; questions about Joan's time in the Balkans arise during a polygraph.  (Repeat) E
09:00 AM
"She Believes"  After a startling revelation, Annie works with a new ally; McQuaid and Joan go into the field; Calder asks Sydney to make a dangerous gamble.  (Repeat) E
10:00 AM
"Transport Is Arranged"  Annie and McQuaid must sneak into Russian territory in pursuit of Belenko; questions about Auggie's past arise.  (Repeat) E
11:00 AM
"Frontwards"  Annie and McQuaid's relationship deepens while tracking down Belenko's next target; Calder pursues the truth; Joan believes Belenko should be kept alive.  (Repeat) E
12:00 PM
"Gold Soundz"  With Russian Vega Force assassins on their trail, Annie and McQuaid work together to escape Argentina; Belenko enacts his final plan.  (Repeat) E
Covert Affairs

CIA trainee Annie Walker is suddenly plucked from the inner sanctum of the agency and promoted to field operative, and while it seems she went from obscurity to the fire because of her exceptional linguistic skills, something or someone from her past may be the reason her bosses shifted her career path. Now that Annie finds herself on assignments with no rules or training to guide her, all she can rely on is her intuition ... and the guidance of CIA military intelligence agent Auggie Anderson, a one-time special operative until he was blinded during a mission. Auggie helps Annie navigate the intricate CIA bureaucracy, and he quickly becomes the one person she can trust.

Current cast
Piper Perabo as Annie Walker
Christopher Gorham as Auggie Anderson
Peter Gallagher as Arthur Campbell
Kari Matchett as Joan Campbell
Hill Harper as Calder Michaels

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