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We found the following shows with actor/director: "Cameron" in the next 14 days.

Wreckage (2010)

Fri 4/18 12:00 PM 142 SHOCSE (Cbl) 1 hour, 30 minutes R

An unknown killer stalks friends who are stranded in an automobile junkyard.   View in TV Listings



Next episode:  Say Yes to the Messy Dress

Fri 4/18 1:00 PM 56 DXD (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-G

Jessie offers to introduce the kids to NBA All-Star Chris Bosh, who's in town to play one of Luke's favorite local basketball teams at the park.   View in TV Listings



Next episode:  Mr. Monk and the TV Star

Fri 4/18 2:00 PM 63 IONSAT (Cbl) 1 hour TV-PG

Monk suspects the star of a hit TV crime show of killing his ex-wife, but the actor has a rock-solid alibi.   View in TV Listings



Next episode:  War of the Worms; I Owe You One

Fri 4/18 3:00 PM 104 WNET (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-Y

Fern spins a tale for Brain; Buster goes on a favor-repaying frenzy.   View in TV Listings

Sam & Cat

Sam & Cat

Next episode:  DroneBabyDrone

Fri 4/18 8:30 PM 52 NIK (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-G

Sam and Cat encounter problems when they try a new drone delivery service online.   View in TV Listings

Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 (2013)

Fri 4/18 9:00 PM 161 STZE (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes PG13

Lenny Feder moves his family back to his hometown to be with his old friends and finds out that he didn't leave the crazy life behind in Los Angeles.   View in TV Listings

There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary (1998)

Fri 4/18 11:50 PM 136 MOMAX (Cbl) 2 hours R

A geek hires a sleazy private eye to report on a woman he has adored since high school.   View in TV Listings

Total Divas

Total Divas

Next episode:  Inhale, Exhale

Sat 4/19 2:30 AM 10 E (Cbl) 1 hour TV-PG

Nattie faces surgery after injury; Nikki suspects John Cena of lying; Trinity makes a music video.   View in TV Listings

No One Lives

No One Lives (2012)

Sat 4/19 6:25 AM 155 ENCSUS (Cbl) 1 hour, 30 minutes R

Backwoods bandits find they've made a grievous error when they victimize a couple who are not nearly as helpless as they seem.   View in TV Listings


Prom (2011)

Sat 4/19 8:00 AM 62 ABCF (Cbl) 2 hours PG

Intersecting stories unfold as high-school students prepare for their seminal event.   View in TV Listings

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

He Sees You When You're Sleeping (2002)

Sat 4/19 9:00 AM 382 HMCHD (Cbl) 2 hours PG

In order to get to heaven, a dead stockbroker must protect a woman and her daughter from mobsters.   View in TV Listings

Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich (1999)

Sat 4/19 10:50 AM 141 SHO2 (Cbl) 1 hour, 55 minutes R

A puppeteer and his co-worker discover a tunnel that allows others to enter the actor's mind and body for 15 minutes at a time.   View in TV Listings

Man on a Tightrope

Man on a Tightrope (1953)

Sat 4/19 11:10 AM 24 FXM (Cbl) 1 hour, 50 minutes NR

Members of a family circus stage a bold parade to escape from Czechoslovakia.   View in TV Listings

Mary Higgins Clark's Lucky Day

Mary Higgins Clark's Lucky Day (2002)

Sat 4/19 1:00 PM 382 HMCHD (Cbl) 2 hours PG13

An aspiring actress retraces the steps of a missing colleague who just won $13 million in a lottery.   View in TV Listings

The Last Supper

The Last Supper (1995)

Sat 4/19 1:40 PM 155 ENCSUS (Cbl) 1 hour, 35 minutes R

After accidentally killing an obnoxious dinner guest, graduate students decide to murder other people they deem undesirable.   View in TV Listings

Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

Next episode:  Meet the Truth

Sat 4/19 6:30 PM 105 WWOR (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-PG

Brianna gets suspended from school; after playing a prank on Brown, two wannabe frat brothers must work for him.   View in TV Listings

Garage Sale Mystery

Garage Sale Mystery (2013)

Sat 4/19 9:00 PM 382 HMCHD (Cbl) 2 hours NR

With help from a detective, a woman investigates a string of burglaries and the death of a friend. Based on a novel by Suzi Weinert.   View in TV Listings


Trance (2013)

Sun 4/20 1:15 AM 128 HBOSIG (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes R

A criminal hires a hypnotherapist to probe the mind of a brain-injured auctioneer to uncover the hiding place of a stolen painting.   View in TV Listings

Cool Dog

Cool Dog (2010)

Sun 4/20 5:10 AM 158 ENCFAM (Cbl) 1 hour, 30 minutes PG

A dog travels from Louisiana to New York to find his young owner.   View in TV Listings